FP4 : Call volume too loud with and without loud speakers

The volume of phone calls are much to loud. Trying to decrease the volume with the key on the side does not help to reduce to volume to an acceptable value.

I’d opened a support ticket 2 weeks ago. No reply so far.

This is a very serious issue for me. I have to return the phone if it can’t be solved.

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Hi and welcome to the forum.
That you ‘may’ ~ choose ~ to return the phone does seem to be a problem, but as this is a forum for other users to help, you have exactly expressed what help you are looking for, and of course the statement you made about ‘having’ to send it back is surplus to the issue.

Although the last sentence isn’t a threat by usual standards, it also doesn’t address Fairphone. If the idea is to get them to respond quickly this is not the place to make your feelings known.

All I can do is to feel a little bad for you have suggest that maybe you phone them if you want a quicker response.

Anyway are you talking about the ear piece or loudspeaker and
there are other topics on this. If I find one I’ll update so at least you will know you are not the only one to be suffering in the same vein.
It’s done :slight_smile:

Meanwhile maybe a bit of tape over the mics.

I was trying to describe the problem and my situation. If that is not in the spirit of this forum, I am sorry and try to avoid it in the future.

The high volume is present using the phone in regular mode (phone close to the ear) and using a wired headset.

No your post is not a problem but it is under the category of asking for help and that isn’t the tone of the post.

Let’s always remember that people coming here (and to most similar forums) with a problem often do so after spending frustrating hours trying to find a solution. I guess sending the phone back is more positive than throwing it out of the window which is likely to be what many feel like doing in such circumstances :wink:

@jogeba Thanks for adding your experience. Is your phone’s operating system up to date? A new patch came out just a few days ago.
To check for updates, go to Settings > System > Advanced > System update

How long have you had the phone, and was the problem present from the very start? If not, it may have been caused by some app or change of setting. You might try using Safe mode as explained earlier in this topic. If Safe mode leads to a correct call volume then the problem will likely be solved by a factory reset.

Regarding Support you may want to get in touch by phone. Opening a ticket was the right thing to do.

I am having the same problem with my Fairphone 3+. I’ve installed all the updates but it’s actually got worse. At first it was just the speaker volume on WhatsApp calls but now it’s regular phone calls, including when I use headphones. Has anyone actually managed to solve the problem?

Hi Starbug and welcome to the community forum.

Since I don’t think the cause of this problem is known, it’s a question of finding work-arounds at the moment.

You should in any case #contactsupport so that the problem can be investigated and fixed. If it’s a hardware problem then presumably the phone can be repaired under garantee.

As for a work-around, have you tried installing an app such as “Volume Control” available on F-Droid? There are others.

Or have a look in the Play Store.

Good luck!

P.S. - This thread is about volume problems with the FP4. As you are using a FP3 it would be best to move your post to a thread dealing with FP3. Could you look at these and tell us which best matches your problem, then we’ll move your post. Thanks.


Hi, thanks for your reply.

I’ve contacted support and am waiting for a reply. It’s certainly a software issue and various other threads indicated it was solved with an update but I just found the problem spread to other apps. Any of the FP3 threads cover my issue (anything with voice/video calls) but I posted it here because those other threads were inactive. The route of the issue is likely to be the same. It’s a software bug that needs to be fixed. I work with large codes and we manage to route out bugs so I can’t believe FP can’t find the cause of the problem. It’s worrying the same issue has been going on for years!
All the best

Inactivity very often means the problem was solved, even though so many people write in here to report problems but much more rarely bother to say when they’re solved.

To help identify the problem you are seeing, could you

  • Confirm your OS build number by going to
    Settings > About phone > Build number
  • Boot into Safe Mode
  • Test volume using stock apps such as Phone, Chrome.


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Hi all,

I have this issue too, any way to fix it?


Hi and welcome to the forum.
a) Did you see OldRoutard’s post above as you haven’t provided any detail as indicted there ??

b) The Safe mode start and use is to rule out any custom apps. My daughter has an FP4 with no such issue so it isn’t endemic to the basic phone or FPOS A11 of the last few releases

Hi, I tested it in safe mode and the issue persists. I saw that Pixel 6 users had a similar issue and were able to fix it by turning off Hearing Aid in Accessibility settings. However, I can’t find this setting in the Fairphone.

I’m using an FP3+ on the latest software. It has always been an issue since the first day I used the phone, thankfully it doesn’t happen on Bluetooth headphones.

Clutching at straws here :slight_smile:

There is a volume controls via Developer Options though it does come under the Bluetooth options it may effect other outputs

And while the following post seems to be more about the mic than the speakers it relates to a Google app that interferes and maybe worth looking at

OS build no. 8901.4.A.0017.3

The volume is adjustable on Phone and ‘media’ such as websites, youtube. The problem remains with Whatsapp and Messenger.

The FP support have got back to me now, so I’ll see what they suggest.

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I too experience this issue. The in-call volume is painfully high and the volume slider has very little effect on the volume. The same issue persists whether I use the phone on the ear or with an external wired headset. My device is Fairphone 4 with Android 11. My headset is a Jabra headset with a 3,5 mm audio jack and I use it with a 3,5 mm to usb-C adapter that has DAC.

I have also contacted support about the issue.

Next I will look into disabling the Google app though since someone wrote it helped in their case.


Call volume on my Fairphone 4 (with factory Android 11) is also too loud, whether using its built-in earpiece or loudspeaker, or a wired analog headset via USB-C adapter.

Interestingly, during a call the volume buttons move the thumb of the volume slider in about 5 steps, though I’m unsure if the volume actually changes. On the volume settings page, I can move the control in 7 steps–all still too loud. The media volume control gets 15 steps.

Can you #contactsupport so that they can gather your input on this.
Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks. I submitted a support ticket.

Because my problem is within 30 days of receiving my Fairphone 4, Fairphone support directed me to contact the reseller I bought it from.

That’s a pretty poor response, especially considering that my problem is with such a basic requirement (actually being able to use a telephone for calls).

Why do you think that? All official support would be directed the vendor who’s choice is

  • Return the fee if within 30 days
  • Offer a replacement phone
  • Try and fix it (unlikely)
  • Send back to Fairphone

A basic requirement ??

Broken screen, not charging, no sound . . . many things would seem to be a basic requirement, but what ever that is if you bought from a retailer they are the port of call surely . . . not the manufacturer.