FP4 Bootloader Unlocking

Just a starter for those concerned.

It seems the official instructions are not up to the job.




It might be that there are very good reasons, that there is no official guide so far from Fairphone for the FP4. Also there is currently no real need to unlock the bootloader as there is not custom rom etc. So really nothing advisible to do for the time being, especially as it is reported that apps might not work properly

The Fairphone 3/Fairphone 3+ (FP3/FP3+) and the Fairphone 4 (FP4) gives you the freedom to unlock your bootloader


It seems the issue is raised not for a new ROM but in order to root the phone ~ to begin with.

And still the headline is only referring to FP3(+l as well as the rest of the text. And there is no custom ROM available yet for the FP4 nor is it possible to root etc. As discussed here it does not make that much sense to unlock the bootloader upfront. Still there might be some who want to do it, but I doubt its something we should advise the people to do

This topic is guide on how to do it if someone wants to, given the problems encountered so your comments do not make any sense.

  • You imply there is advice to unlocked ~ there is none
  • You state that as there is no ROM as a reason not to unlock when the user wanted to try, which is all that was being addressed.
  • You then say “it does not make that much sense to unlock the bootloader upfront”

Well if the user wants to try that is fine by me so your idea that doesn’t make sense ~ doesn’t make sense to me???

Just different opinions ~ are you OK with that ??

There is no advice ??? but
a) to note Fairphone’s view that it is an option and
b) that a particular user has done so and reporting back on the other thread.

Who are you to judge?

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Sorry to butt into this discussion, but what is the idea behind this thread? It’s not a guide to unlocking the FP4’s bootloader and it just links to another thread and an unrelated FP guide.

I’ll just close this thread - let’s continue the discussion in the original thread.