FP4 black and white display

Same here! But I have an FP4. I contacted the helpdesk, did a factory reset and it resolved the problem for a few days. Now I have problem again. Any tips or suggestions are welcome!

I opened a new topic for you for the FP4, so you might want to add a few more infos what exactly the issue is

Thanks! More details. Apps like Whatsapp, NOS (news broadcaster), Signal, BlueSky, X Gmail turn to black and white, even though I turned off wellbeing (focus mode & bed time). And the weird thing is: the notifications of Android (such as the question if I want to receive notifications when using NOS, X etc), are colored, although the app itself is black and white.

When I use the keyboard in those apps, the screen flickers where the cursor is placed.

I re-installed NOS and Whatsapp (as I do not want to do a factory reset again - last one was three days ago) and it seems to work, for now.

Hope to hear what to do!


I am experiencing exactly the same as of this morning. Will try to reinstall the affected apps and see if it works.


Thanks! I just love this community!

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