FP4 Battery life

Hi. Thanks for your response, the damaged aim might be an issue and I’ll try safemode during the weekend and see if the drain is still there.
The keyhole was just a google login request from another device if I remember right. I have a VPN provider installed but I use it very rarely.

From what the curve seem to indicate, it appears the drain is contained during the idle sessions.

However 1h48min of screen on time on a total of 3h means you’ve been keeping your phone awake for 2/3rd of the time since you charged it. With 2 sim cards and a VPN this could be close to normal for a new phone.
Do you by any chances manually locked your screen brightness to max/close to max ?

Also, if your FP4 is only a week old, it will take yet a bit of time to gather its own usage stats and build an optimized plan. Battery drain on a new phone usually gets better after 3 weeks of consistant usage.

Thanks, I will keep monitoring it. But I haven’t yet used vpn on this phone. I have it installed and use it at most once a week and hadn’t turned it on during the couple of hours.

I never was happy with the battery life either. I never could find the cause of that. I had to charge it in the day and its not convenient.

I’m facing a problem with this Fairphone 4’s battery charge. It is cleary draining way too fast. I installed AccuBattery to diagnose the problem, which seem to be on the software-side, or at least it isn’t just a damaged battery, since it says that battery health is at 104%.
What I found strange is the app “Quickstep” being so power-instensive. From I read online, this is the application launcher. The battery going down by 30.9%/h with the screen off is not normal either…

Do you know what could be the issue?

Thank you in advance!

Welcome to the community :wave:
I’ve moved your post to this existing topic, maybe you’ll find some answers here. Have a look at Analyze battery drain/heat as well.

Since the launcher is consuming a lot of battery in your case, are you using widgets on your homescreen or maybe a live wallpaper? :thinking:


On my Fp4, each minute of screen time equals 0.5-1% battery life. That’s it, I don’t think you can get much better.

That would mean less than 2h of SOT. This is far from normal.

I get an average of 5h SOT (and I never let my phone go under 20%, so I’d say the device could reach 6h SOT probably), which I consider very honorable.

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Hi, for me it’s like : 36h since full charge, 8,75h screen on time, 20% battery left.

Under a very good coverage.

No games obiously.


By the way 36hr after a full charge isn’t definitive in the sense that the phone could have been charged multiple time since > not to full charge and hence providing data that can be misleading.

I often get in excess of 100+ hours since last full charge. Effectively if a phone isn’t charge to 90% or more then it doesn’t register as a full charge :slight_smile:

Well that IS impressive ! So no charging whatsoever (even few minutes ?) in 36h ? I am really surprised, but will take you word for it !

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Ok, i should have written “since last charge, wich was a full one”.

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Thank you!
No, I’m not using any widgets nor live wallpapers.

I put the phone into safe mode, to check whether in this case battery drain changes. I will let you know the results.

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Check out this post :slight_smile:

Thank you!
Apparently I was wrong, I didn’t disable the Google News “widget” running on the background (the one which appears if you swipe all the way to the left).
I don’t know whether that was the cause of the problem, since I also uninstalled another app called “wordaily”, which I should reinstall to check this, but I don’t have access to the phone right now, so I will eventually let you know. I also cleared both the cache and the saved data from QuickStep (the last operation deleted all the apps in the launcher), hence this could also be a solution in case you face similar problems.
I hope this is somehow useful.


I’d like to share my experience with fp4 and battery drain.

Somehow it seems to me that the drain starts after recharging. After a full battery charge, leaving the phone idling I get a constant drain, which - non counting use - would get me to 0% in two days time at most.
Obviously that means that with normal use I would get 1 or 1 and a half days at most which is quite disappointing.
I searched the forum and the Web a lot, tried to understand if some app was misbehaving, the only things I haven’t tried yet are factory reset and safe mode.

A workaround that seems to work form me is to reboot the phone just after recharging. After the reboot the phone gives me a battery duration estimate over 10 days (right now for example with 90% charge and having been idle all day I get an astonishing 14 days remaining!).
In this way I`m managing 3/4 days of moderate use without charging.
I should note that I’m using Google services and use various app most of the weekdays, never bothered to try uninstalling them.

Have you had similar experiences? The charging thing might indicate an OS related bug?
Also do you think rebooting the phone so often could somehow affect the phone’s lifespan?

Could you please share some screenshots of those 3-4 days uptime? Because moderate use is relative. For me 3 hours of screen time is moderate. A graph is not open to interpretation.

Also have a look at this overview:

Reboots may help. Although they shouldn’t in practice. So it may be a bug, or maybe the batter estimation is affected by the reboot and thus it gives you an estimation since boot. Then of course it has little data to analyse and may be very positive. Unless you really get a few extra days of battery out of it.

I usually get about 12 hours of battery life, then it’s around 30% and it’s time to charge. Screen time is between 4-6 hours. With 6 hours the phone is really dead. But it really depends, when at home with WiFi it is easier to get a full day of battery life. Screen brightness also makes a huge difference. An LCD isn’t the most battery friendly screen.


even though this discussion already has a lot of comments nothing really helped me in my case. So I decided to contribute with my problem anyway.
I have my FP4 since May 2022 and I was really happy with it, including the battery duration. Usually the battery last for 3-4 days (I am not a big phone user). I have only a few standard apps (google apps are deactivated except play store), like firefox, calendar, mail, messengers … This is also what I almost only use my phone for (messengers, calls, mails, calendar and a bit internet), I am not even using social media. Well, several weeks ago literally from one day to another the battery started to drain within about 10-12h from 100% to 0% and often just turned off, without changing any settings or applications. One night, for example, I took it of the charger with 100%, the next day (after about 8/9h sleeping) it was at 67% and obviously I haven’t touched it once.
The background data of almost all applications (except really necessary ones) are switched off. In the settings the battery manager shows that all applications work normally. In average the battery usage shows 2-4 Apps which are using the battery for, in general, only 1 or max. 5%. The display brightness is set to automatic and is generally low. In the internet I found that the battery looses power if it got drained very often, so I started to charge the phone more frequently.
Lately it actually got a little bit better (no idea if it was really because of the more frequent charging), and the battery duration increased to 15-17h with a display consumption of about 2-3h (still a way less than 3-4 days…). I would like to get back at least close to the initial battery duration, by now I am out of ideas what else I could try.
So I am open and happy for any ideas! Thank you in advance!

That one is totally unreliable, if not outright blind. Don’t rely on it, for me (FP4) it never ever showed any app I was using, it only shows 1-2 random apps (Play Store and some such) with negligible 1-2% consumptions, even after I spent an hour and 10% battery playing some game… My battery might be down to 60%, it will only show me 2 apps for a total of 3%, some screen and some cell standby for 5%, and leave the remaining 32% to imagination… :angry:

Anyway, concerning your problem, last time I had something similar happen (on another phone), it was simply an app which had gone bad (damaged?) and had started draining too much battery, while apparently still working (sorts of). Uninstalling it and reinstalling it solved the problem.
Now which app? If you only have a small number of them, as you say, you could try to uninstall/reinstall them one after the other, and check each time if this fixes anything. Just back up your settings first!
(I would start with Firefox. Unfortunately Firefox on Android is kind of quirky (I use it too), and I wouldn’t put it past it to break in interesting ways. Make a “Sync” account (free, anonymous) first, so you can preserve your history/bookmarks.)

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

There are things to consider.

The app usage can change with updates,

  • You could try using in safe mode for a day or two.
  • Charging a battery to 100% and keeping it there overnight for example wears the battery a bit quicker.

Charging to 100% and then dropping to 1% does help calibrate the algorithms, but more that one a month would be overkill and even every six months may not make any difference.

The general consensus is keep the battery between 20% and 80% or an even smaller range.

I have been doing a test on my new laptop battery and there is information on the small coin battery in the laptop -

Here is the manufactures data for the small ML1220 coin battery

You will see it is rated at only 10 cycles if depleted by 100%
and 300 if depleted by 10%

Other makes are different etc.
Some will give 1500 cycles at 10% discharge
and 500 at 20% discharge.

So what the scope is with the phone battery I’ve no idea.

But to test my main laptop battery I record the data daily and mess with the charging rate. Sadly unless you root the phone you cannot limit the charge automatically, you can get a warning but you have to manually pull the plug.

So first thing is don’t charge overnight to get a better ‘life time’ etc.