FP4 Android13 update: cannot handle any form of stored pictures

Since the update to android13 my Fairphone 4 consumes about 5x as much battery as before (yes, already with 5G disabled). 75% charging gets me roughly 30min… But the main issue is that no form of imagery seems to work all of a sudden! No screenshots possible, no images in WhatsApp, Telegram, not even the gallery shows any form of pictures. Internet-based image apps still work (snapchat, Instagram, google photos) but I cannot save or download pictures from them. Also, some apps (banking secure verification app, dropbox) don’t open anymore. Help? Anyone with similar issues?

I assume you have a SD card inserted and its formatted as internal extension?


Yes! I have used this SD with this device for 2 years now, without problems. I also tested it without the SD card, but the problems are unchanged.

When its formatted as internal extension, it means parts of the system, apps is stored there.

Using SD cards as internsl ext. can lead to serious issues as SD cards can break every moment.

Have a look here for details sdcardguide

or search the forum you will find many reports.


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