FP4 and (unofficial) LineageOS

There’s some magic at work here… I wonder if the fact you’re coming for /e/ could have messed up “something” ?
Well if it works, it works haha. I hope it’ll last and you’ll start enjoying the device as you should !

Yeah I was wondering about that as well but there was nothing I could’ve done about it.

It’s also a great timing for everything to work since my previous phone has finally died yesterday lol

Stars are aligned xD

So… for those interested, I’ll drop that here:

It IS possible to get Google Pay to work on LineageOS (provided you’re running a version with google Services of course).

It consists in following the instructions of the linked post hereunder, with a little additionnal tricks:

Before following the instructions of the post hereunder, you will need to follow those steps (this post assumes you’re rooted with Magisk 23 (won’t work with version 24 be warned).

  1. Install the following modules in Magisk

    • Busybox for Android NDK
    • MagiskHide Props Config
  2. Install and run Termux (F-Droid version), then throw the following commands:

    • su

    • props

Then in the options choose Edit device fingerprint → Pick a certified fingerprint → find fairphone → FP3/FP3+ and select it

THEN follow this post.
There’s a catch, GPay SQL Fix 2.5 seems to have been removed, as a matter of fact it can’t be found anywhere. Luckily I backed it up some time ago, so there it is.

excellent! thanks a lot @Aaanze!

I just installed the nogapps version and it seems to run very smoothly. does it have signature spoofing to install microG ?

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It does not.
But you can:

  1. install Micro G afterwards and enable signature spoofing with Magisk and nanodroid (I did it sucessfully myself when I ran the no gapps version)


  1. If you’ve got time to spend, build a version with microG bundled + signature spoofing following @Error instructions on this post:
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Very good work but don’t going to try it unless there is a wat back(stock ROM from fairphone) then it’s much more safe for to try.

Are notifications working properly for you? It’s really weird for me, some work like they always used to and some don’t work at all. For example, I’ll get Whatsapp notifications as soon as I get a message but my email app, Youtube, and Twitch don’t send notifications at all (and the problem isn’t in the app settings or in the android notification settings). I have never had that problem before

Hi eveyrbody, @Aaanze from /e/ os, if i want to try your Los port, do i need extra steps to flash ?
I mean /e/ make many steps to flash rom, boot, recovery… Here only need to flash recovery and the Os. is this a problem if i’m not on the stock rom, with stock vendor, boot… ?

I had /e installed before flashing LOS, you can just follow the directions

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OK, thanks for your answer !

ok. I’m trying the method with magisk/nanodroid, but enabling signature spoofing fails when I install nanodroid’s patcher (NanoDroid-patcher- module with magisk, saying “failed to apply patches” although services.jar appears to be deodexed.

did you use this zip too ?

NanoDroid patcher has been broken for quite some time, you need to take another route

Or you can wait for @Error to release a build with microG already included, or try building one yourself, it’s fun :smirk:

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oh ok, silly me :sweat_smile: I actually followed that tutorial with Fairphone OS when I got my FP4 back in december, but I already forgot about it :rofl:

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Hi, i just flashed the degoggled lineage image by @Aaanze, coming from /e/. Everything runs smooth so far. Thank you :heart: !


alright… after going through all the hoops to get magisk/riru/lsposed/fake-gapps/microg/whatever installed and running with all boxes checked in microg’s selfcheck, I can’t get gcam-port running (damn thing crashes complaining it can’t find com.google.android.gsf.gservices while I have all the microg stuff supposedly installed… wtf :sob:)

so I had it with this shaky procedure and finally got myself to start my own build with signature spoofing… we’ll see how it goes when it’s done


The road is bumpy but in the end it’s rewarding ! Have fun !

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right, good thing I have a ryzen9 machine at my disposal for this kind of stuff :joy:


finally got it working, and GCam doesn’t complain anymore! thanks @Aaanze + @Error for the tips :grin:

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@Aaanze : many thanks for your great work :smiley:
Got it installed with magisk and even GPay seems to be working.
Only Android Auto refuses with a strange error “Android auto not preinstalled on the device”.
Any hints for me how to solve?

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