FP4 and LineageOS

Got the camera on LOS 19.1 working by using this commit: FP4: Patch vendor.qti.hardware.camera.postproc@1.0-service-impl.bitra.so while extracting (44ac4176) · Commits · CalyxOS / device_fairphone_FP4 · GitLab
Sadly it works only with 12MP, but better than nothing for now.

It might make sense to include these other commits in the WeAreFairphone repo too, but I have not tested them yet.


Great !
The temptation to go back to LOS again is overwhelming :smiley:

Since that patch is coming from CalyxOS, come on over…

… if you want to try it without building LOS yourself :smirk:

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Looks promising but… you know… no Gapps possibilities haha. I’ve done my share of trying with microG, I really need my gmaps and my Gpay :smiling_face_with_tear:

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With the latest commits in the WeAreFairphone staging/lineage-19.1 repo my FP4 works quite well. Sending and receiving files over Bluetooth seems to work now. Calls and SMS also work fine. So I have decided to migrate the data from my old phone and continue testing under real conditions. A big thank you to everyone who has participated in the development so far!

However, it is still not a completely bug free experience. While watching videos in popup mode with NewPipe, I have noticed another bug. Once you tab out of NewPipe into another app or the home screen, the app part of the screen does not respond to touch anymore. You can still use the menu buttons, the status bar or the popup, but not the app you have opened. Everything will work normally again once you close the popup and stop the video… Is this broken popup behaviour already a known issue with Android 12?

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I can confirm that the NewPipe issue exists on CalyxOS (Android 12) as well.

Seems to be related to PiP mode, the ticket discussing this problem in the NewPipe bug tracker is #6770.

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Hello folks,

I see that there seems to be not significant progress towards an official LOS build (right?) (no offense to the volunteers!). Even though, many of you managed what I did not after two attempts: Creating their own build. However, these builds are uploaded randomly and to platforms I don’t trust (such as OneDrive).

I wanted to suggest if we could have a temporary community solution. I would also be happy to donate some money if that is required. Maybe we can maintain our own “unofficial official” build? :smiley: Or kind of trust-able place to upload and maintain them?

What do you think?

So far I saw these build uploads:


I like the idea. If you want, I can share my signed LOS 19.1 userdebug builds. So far they work great for me.
Do you have any trustworthy platform in mind? I think the guys over at XDA Developers use Android File Host quite often.


I got one positive reply + 3 :heartbeat: on my post. No one claimed. Maybe its a not too bad idea. Can we somehow apply / sign the images uploaded? Maybe also ensure that the next update will not wipe the data? but I understand that requires work.

Any other suggestions, thoughts?

I think LOS uses default test keys for custom builds automatically. I don’t see much reason to use another key - it would just complicate things.

I’m also still working on getting LOS 18.1 functionality in a better shape … got the stock camera mostly working now but still not as smooth as on Stock. It always takes a while to switch between wide and normal angle lens. Currently assume it might be a problem with the kernel and I’m looking into that.



Well, then let’s go ahead!

Does this require any financial support? Any other support? Anyone else we want to involved? Should several people have access to this?

CC: @mmustermann

What exactly do you have in mind? I for myself - if I’m ready to share a custom build - will upload that to Android File Host (already have an account there).

Beside that WeAreFairphone · GitHub is already a community project. Probably best to try contributing there. Not sure who of them follows this thread.

@dk1978 @lucaweiss @TeamB58
What would be the best way to contribute? Is there a chat group for fair phone development?

Here is a fresh userdebug build with test keys. Use it at your own risk and not in production!
I haven’t gotten developer access on Android File Host yet, but for now fastupload should be sufficient.

sha256sum recovery.img lineage-19.1-20220430-UNOFFICIAL-FP4.zip
2c2ece00c80835830344bdae0f411aff1e5674be2212589fdfa12d14706ea4de  recovery.img
10a59a1f41d683192a4907047943b87d60c8f7b0378adad92892c5ac6dbe6cdc  lineage-19.1-20220430-UNOFFICIAL-FP4.zip

Fastupload.io — recovery.img
Fastupload.io — lineage-19.1-20220430-UNOFFICIAL-FP4.zip

If you are interested, I can also share my signed builds about once a month.


If you got the camera working, could you share it with other projects, like CalyxOS? I’d very much like to use the full resolution and wide angle lens there…


Okay many thanks!

But what needs it to be that I can use it “in production”? I mean I wanna use it as my private phone.

What means test keys?

Furthermore, do you plan to upload new versions, too?

You need a build that is not signed with the publicly available test keys. For the details you can have a look at Signing Builds | LineageOS Wiki

I will upload my next build that is signed with my private keys as soon as the May security patches got merged in LOS. Probably in a week.

As I said, my plan is to upload new versions once a month (after the latest security patches got merged) until the FP4 gets official LOS support.


Thank you for your work, I found both the official ROM and the MicroG-ones not usable for my purposes. So far I haven’t found any problems.

Just uploaded my new build with May 2022 security patches. Use it at your own risk. I don’t provide any support!


Downloads for : Fairphone Fairphone 4 |

5e4ccf0f164a5105e1c238413f2e5267efc8d156aa9637cba4e223aa3daa12f6  lineage-19.1-20220511-UNOFFICIAL-FP4.zip
33398d2ff8982d9fcaf1b60d6ba18837e8878507418d4adaa778b07202ef6cae  lineage-recovery-19.1-20220511-UNOFFICIAL-FP4.img
45a55eff7bd3f6360785474ee573c71269ee3b7c0768d1d9fad7bc8d9a27e8e0  migration.zip

If you installed my previous build with test keys and want to migrate without loosing your data, you can use the “migration.sh” file and follow the “Using a script” instructions at Signing Builds | LineageOS Wiki.
Otherwise, just flash the new build and do a factory reset afterwards.


Is everything working in the current build? Is it ok for use on my main phone?

I have been using the builds for over a month now. It is stable and everything I’ ve tried so far works.