FP4 and LineageOS

IIRC it took more than two years for the FP2 and one year for the FP3, so two months would be lightning speed :star_struck:


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Hi @samwein @dk1978 ,
I will probably receive my FP4 (6 GB) tomorrow, and I’m really interested in getting LineageOS running and official for it ASAP.
Therefore, I would also like to contribute and would like to know if anything changed in terms of your current state (from reading this thread).
I’ve started already a bit researching what needs to be done from the LineageOS wiki perspective, but still feel a bit lost about where to start.
I’ve never built LineageOS for a device myself, as so far I was lucky that my current phone was always officially supported, but I’m having a general technical background from working in IT which might help.

Do you have any concrete hints or actions to start with?


Ok, one small update already:
I didn’t get the phone but the case and screen protector… I didn’t check the order number on my shipping notification.

But still willing to do this :smiley:


I’d love to see a LineageOS port for the Fairphone 4 too. :grinning:


The kernel sources are released and they are already building:

I’m trying to build rn.
I have a device but tbh. I’m scared to try to flash it.
It’s probably very possible to brick it? :slight_smile:
And I have no real experience with this topic this deep inside.

I’d love to have someone explain a thing or two to me in a discord or so :))

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Hope your build succeeded!

I probably know less than you about all this stuff, but as pointed out earlier in this thread, I’m more than happy to help and eager to learn!

If you want to share your learnings already, I would be also open for a call or something :smiley:

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Got a successful build.
If I get one person that knows a little bit more than we both probably do I’ll let people know.
As I have no real clue how to approach the next steps rn. :slight_smile:


Same, if I can help please let me know! :slight_smile:
Btw, I do have the phone already!

Hey, I’d love to get in touch. I’ll be getting my Fp4 on Monday, and I’m kinda out of my league trying to build LOS by myself. However, i don’t ever want to install and use my personal apps on a phone that is contaminated with google services, so even if there isn’t a stable LOS version for the FP4 yet, i’d rather take my chances with a buggy, glitchy, unstable ROM. So if you’ve got a successful build, i’d love to test it.

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I’m on the same boat here. I’ll receive my phone this week, but have never installed or used Android or alike before (I’ve only used regular Linux on desktop, and Maemo / Meego / Jolla stuff back in the day).

I wonder if the guys at Fairphone would be willing to give some pointers (or even some for of consulting…?) with pointers on the topic – it’s a shame the Hardware is already shipping but there’s no OS ready to install on it.

Then again, responsibility for software does usually fall onto the community rather than the hardware vendor.

You have to be patient.
LOS, LOS4mg, /e/OS, etc…are already in pipeline.

counter already counting down…

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@FairphoneHulk hey, i do believe it is true what you are saying but do you have any specific sources to back up that claim? I would consider helping out where I can but I’m not super familiar with the android-os-dev community. thanks.

No OS apart from the Fairphone OS that already comes with the phone, that is.

In the smartphone world responsibility for software with a support responsibility chain lies with the hardware vendor. Meaning in case of a Google certified Android OS … hardware vendors are responsible for issues with their changes to base Android, and Google is responsible for issues in base Android, hardware vendors can turn to Google for that if they determine an issue is caused by base Android.

Communities can set up their own Android OS efforts based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) however they like, but they can’t expect support by hardware vendors or by Google. They might still get help in some way, but hardware vendors or Google have no obligations there.

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You are posting in the applicable LOS topic and for e/OS

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I think this does not count because of the mentioned google “infestation”. To be honest it strikes me as weird to manufacture a “fair” phone and load it up with software by the largest advertising company in the world…
Its like those fair trade soft drink companies that sell products with fair trade sugar. But this is only addressing half of the problem…
Anyway I don’t know any better alternative and really like the transparency of Fairphone so I bought one hoping that someday I can load LOS or similar onto the device.

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Yeah, I understand that’s very commonly the case, especially since it lets companies quickly ship phones without having to worry about maintenance. I’d like to think that’s not Fariphone’s mentality, if they’re aspiring to build sustainable phones and a sustainable business model.

That aside, the fact that Fairphones ships a Google-tainted phone gives me somewhat bad vibes. I really like and respect the idea of trying to build sustainable phones (and wish every else would follow), but I equally dislike everything that Google embodies and what honestly feel a lot better if my hardware supplier didn’t do business with such shady companies.

Sadly, there’s no better option floating around.


I wonder whether Fairphone would still exist in any meaningful sense if only a niche audience (degoogling) in a niche (phone produced as fairly as possible) would consider buying their phones.
The reality is that most customers still either actively want the Google stuff, or need it for technical reasons (e.g. mandatory Apps for work relying on it) or just don’t care about it.
If not in the know already, then at least they will have a chance to encounter the degoogling aspect once they have the phone and browse the forum or other resources. That’s not too bad as a base to build awareness upon.

They still have to maintain their own OS first. And you will find in the forum that with every iteration from the Fairphone 1 on they very much had and have their hands full with software maintenance, either in-house for the Fairphone 1 in the past and for the Fairphone 2 still, or outsourced currently for the Fairphones 3/3+ and 4, and there’s almost always some reason for them to seriously worry. This is not a negligible matter for at least halfway credible vendors.


Yeah, I completely understand the issue. But at least to me no google is an absolute necessity.

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Hi bliss, would you share your build? Did you manage to flash it?