FP4 and LineageOS

Yes - AFWall+, XPrivacy, AdAway work like a charme. After 7 years a new phone with LineageOS <3 - another 7 and more on the road :slight_smile:
I owe you folks, let me know how if applicable. My offer is still valid! :smiley:


New build with security patches of June is up.


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363cc765fd069e149e8f618b98796c79a1b014ab13c95bfad7fa04cfd1ad846f  recovery-19.1-20220611-UNOFFICIAL-FP4.img
8a7f04657b5e52c054fbe3b093ffaf8140b03eb5c4786005bcd3675697b5991f  lineage-19.1-20220611-UNOFFICIAL-FP4.zip

Please let us know if your root survives the update.


Install went great, no root also installed MindTheGApps and that worked fine. Just had to make sure I was in Lineageos Recovery. Nothing wrong so far.

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Everything works? And if not there is a way back right? I want to try…

I really want to try but step 4 scares me a little. Is there no way back to stock os? Or I don’t understand it well?

It was not possible at the time of writing those instructions (I guess), now it’s definitively possible to revert to stock OS :slight_smile:

General advice if you try other OS: just be careful with relocking bootloader (don’t relock it OR check before that get_unlock_ability = 1 )

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I had issues reverting to stock, but using a super old adb/fastboot utility was able to wipe and reinstall stock. If you don’t know what you’re doing I’d advice against it, as it seems pretty easy to brick the Fairphone 4, from my personal experience.

@mmustermann I assume flashing the new build is the same procedure without factory reset (to save personal data)? Or is there something I need to consider?

So basically:
→ Flash Lineage recovery & Reboot to recovery
→ adb sideload
→ Rooting process again

@echo1 No need to flash the new recovery. Just boot into recovery and adb sideload the new build. Rooting process should be the same.

I don’t know why you should consider relock the bootloader. I never did it in the past and I root my mobiles evey time I got a new one.

I installed lineage os as discribed. It went very well and its working good. It pass safetynet with magisk. They only thing whats not working (some mentioned it already) is loading whatsapp backup from google drive. I will try an local backup tomrow. For the rest i think Gpay works and no problem with other apps. Hope battery life is also good.

In my experience it’s been totally fine with this LineageOS build.

Locking the bootloader boils down to security. Verified boot is an Android security feature that won’t work with an unlocked bootloader.

A huge problem as mentioned earlier is that its nog possible to restore the message backup from whatsapp. I really need my messeges so i go back to stock till some knows how to solve it. Also restore of a local back up wont work (for me)

Getting back to stock looks easy but it result in a endless bootloop. Now back to Lineage for to see if thats boot.?

Have you moved the WhatsApp backup files to the right place before setting up WhatsApp?
Those Backup files must be in /Android/media/com.whatsapp/WhatsApp/Databases, but I usually move the entire WhatsApp folder to com.whatsapp

To do this, you must also install the Google Play Services (GPS).
Do you have e.g. installed NikGapps?

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Thanks for the answers, i Will try out again, i installed mindthegapps. I Will try the you mentioned.

I checken is Google play services weer installed i update IT the reinstall Whatsapp the same problem in one moment IT ask for angoogle accountbut then IT go wrong. I van only make An new account that’s all

Everything worked with the new image!

Many many thanks!

Thanks i solved everything installing Nikgapps was te solution for everything.