FP4 and LineageOS

Are notifications working properly for you? It’s really weird for me, some work like they always used to and some don’t work at all. For example, I’ll get Whatsapp notifications as soon as I get a message but my email app, Youtube, and Twitch don’t send notifications at all (and the problem isn’t in the app settings or in the android notification settings). I have never had that problem before

Hi eveyrbody, @Aaanze from /e/ os, if i want to try your Los port, do i need extra steps to flash ?
I mean /e/ make many steps to flash rom, boot, recovery… Here only need to flash recovery and the Os. is this a problem if i’m not on the stock rom, with stock vendor, boot… ?

I had /e installed before flashing LOS, you can just follow the directions

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OK, thanks for your answer !

ok. I’m trying the method with magisk/nanodroid, but enabling signature spoofing fails when I install nanodroid’s patcher (NanoDroid-patcher- module with magisk, saying “failed to apply patches” although services.jar appears to be deodexed.

did you use this zip too ?

NanoDroid patcher has been broken for quite some time, you need to take another route

Or you can wait for @Error to release a build with microG already included, or try building one yourself, it’s fun :smirk:

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oh ok, silly me :sweat_smile: I actually followed that tutorial with Fairphone OS when I got my FP4 back in december, but I already forgot about it :rofl:

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Hi, i just flashed the degoggled lineage image by @Aaanze, coming from /e/. Everything runs smooth so far. Thank you :heart: !


alright… after going through all the hoops to get magisk/riru/lsposed/fake-gapps/microg/whatever installed and running with all boxes checked in microg’s selfcheck, I can’t get gcam-port running (damn thing crashes complaining it can’t find com.google.android.gsf.gservices while I have all the microg stuff supposedly installed… wtf :sob:)

so I had it with this shaky procedure and finally got myself to start my own build with signature spoofing… we’ll see how it goes when it’s done


The road is bumpy but in the end it’s rewarding ! Have fun !

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right, good thing I have a ryzen9 machine at my disposal for this kind of stuff :joy:


finally got it working, and GCam doesn’t complain anymore! thanks @Aaanze + @Error for the tips :grin:

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@Aaanze : many thanks for your great work :smiley:
Got it installed with magisk and even GPay seems to be working.
Only Android Auto refuses with a strange error “Android auto not preinstalled on the device”.
Any hints for me how to solve?

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Glad it works for you :slightly_smiling_face:

As for Android Auto I’m not using this app so I did not install it.

When does this message occur ? When opening the app ?

When I open the app, it starts normal in a kind of “Smartphone mode for AA”.
The message occurs when I plugg in my Fairphone into my car. Normally AA starts up automatically and connects to the car display. But know a red screen appears and that message will be displayed.
Cleaning/Reinstall the app makes no real difference. Sometimes an additional message pops up before the red error message is shown as descibed also here: https://github.com/opengapps/opengapps/issues/894#issuecomment-808367486
Is it possible to install “MindTheGapps” as suggested in github? Or do I need a complete new image?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Unfortunately mindthegapps as any other gapps suite cannot be flashed after first boot.
Best bet would be to rebuild a new image with it :-/

OK… Is that sth. that I can do easily by my self?

Well it depends. “easily” is a very subjective word, if you know the basics linux commands, have a decent computer and are ready to spend several hours on it, it is definitely possible.

  1. You’ll need to follow the steps as described by @Error :
    Building LineageOS for FP4 - #5 by Error

  2. As for including mindthegapps I wouldn’t know exactly but chances are that the steps are similar to the one I followed for :

Good luck and do not hesitate to share your achievements :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for information sharing. I’ve followed your links and got a lot of helpful guidelines. But in fact, I do not have Linux experiences and environment. The last one can be easliy fixed with a vm, I know. But this will not heal the gap of missing linux skills. However, I would say it is also for me doable… I’m still unsure about the possible negative consequences to my phone…
Maybe I would better wait for a complete factory image by fairphone itself (like this one for FP3: FP3(+). Install Fairphone OS offline – Support)

Does anyone else have problems with some apps not sending notifications? I’ve disabled battery optimisation and checked that they have notification access but that didn’t fix anything. Even more confusing is that today, for the first time since I installed LOS, my mail app did send me a notification. I can’t figure out why and why it’s not working consistently. It seems like it doesn’t even update anything until I open it (it only checks for mails after I open it)

I didn’t have that problem with the stock OS and to be honest I’ve never had it on any phone.