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I acquired my FP4 short time ago, and it seems that there is no other agenda app than Google Agenda ? Do you know if there is a way to acquire the Fairphone Agenda app, or another that share Fairphone values ?

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Etar is a nice free and open source alternative to Google Agenda. It is the default calendar on Lineageos, the most popular open source Android ROM. I use it on my Fairphone 3 and I’m really satistfied. You can give it a go on your FP4. It’s available on the Play Store and F-droid (an alternative store which only contains open-source Android apps).
You might want to install DAVx5 and/or ICSx5 for synchronization with web calendars.


Are you talking about Google Calendar? It is indeed the only calendar app that comes preinstalled with your FP4.

There is no Fairphone Agenda app.

If you are looking for an alternative calendar app, there a plenty to choose from. I would recommend Simple Calender Pro Simple Calendar – Apps bei Google Play (also available via F-Droid if you prefer that).

My personal favorite is aCalendar+ aCalendar+ Kalender & Tasks – Apps bei Google Play.

I use it in combination with DAVx5 DAVx5 – Android-Apps auf Google Play to sync with my Mailbox.org and iCloud accounts. You will only need that if you would like to sync your appointments against a CalDAV server.

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Thank you both ! Very useful. I will try :slight_smile:

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