[FP4] Accidentally locked my bootloader without checking get_unlock_ability. Ended up with a brick. Any hail marys?

So, long story short: I was messing around with my FP4, trying to root stock FPOS by flashing a Magisk-patched boot image. Worked fine, but in my hubris I re-locked the bootloader without realizing that my latest flashing had reset OEM Unlocking to disabled and now I have a sustainably-produced brick.

  • When booting, it says “Your device is corrupted. It cannot be trusted and it will not boot”
  • Bootloader is locked
  • I can access Fastboot mode, but OEM Unlocking was disabled so I can’t use Fastboot mode for anything
  • Trying to access recovery just sends me right back to Fastboot mode

I’ve been searching the web and everything points to this being a hard brick, so I’ve already contacted FP support waiting to hear what it will cost in order for them to re-flash things at their facilities, but while waiting to hear back from them, I figured I might as well try my luck here at the forums in case somebody has discovered a magic way to unbrick an FP4 with a locked bootloader (I read up on the EDL Qualcomm Firehose strategy, but AFAICS it only works for FP3).

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