FP4 5G Network not connecting on boot, only after moving to 2g/3g

The FP4 I recently bought shows a very strange behavior on 5G networks. In fact, when I turn on the phone and the 5G network is selected, there is no data connection. The symbol of data connection shows an “x” (as in “no data available”) and I cannot access the Internet.

However, when I switch back to 2G/3G, the data connection works. After that, if I go back to 5G it works again, but only while the phone is on. If I turn off the phone, the same problem occurs again.

It is very annoying, as I cannot leave the 5G network selected, because otherwise at next restart I have to do this double switch again. Does anybody have the same issue?

Thank you very much.

i had not exactly the same problem - in my case: after two months having a very smooth working FP4, it began that i also had sometimes randomly a X and no connection to the internet; also sometimes no network-service at all. Looking a few minutes later, no problem anymore. Also in the most cases a restart solved the problem. So i ordered a new simcard and since than no problem :slight_smile: Maybe that helps, but it seems to be a bit more tricky with your FP4.

Wish you a working solution soon!

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