FP3's useless keyboard

How is it possible yo make such a bad keyboard? I previously used an LG G3 and had no problems. Has anyone found a good reason why this phone covers with a keyboard that is just so fucking frustrating to use? I feel like I’m spelling for a child 3vety time I have to use this fucking useless, broken piece of shit. Dues everyone just 4eplacr it with so eyjing from the Google shop as soon as they get an FP3? It is so bizarre that a modetncolpsnu, presumably with quality control and all the normal checks, can actually shop a product in this state.

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There’re plenty of other keyboards available.
From Swiftkey and Typewise and AnySoftKeyboard and OpenBoard.

They’re all worth a shot to see which fits you best.


Huh? The default keyboard is Gboard by Google. It’s working just fine for me.


Well, since it’s the default keyboard and the forum search shows me nothing of this sort so far, let’s see whether others with the issue will show up here.

Until then … what about the touchscreen?
Does it work allright and precise in the Apps you use, especially in the area where the keyboard would be? There should even be a built-in test for that somewhere, perhaps when you dial *#*#66#*#*, but I don’t use the stock OS.
Do you have a protective glass or foil on the display which could impact touchscreen precision and sensibility?

Else, I’m with @athair_birb … one strength of Android is giving you choices, just choose a keyboard which fits your typing.


Hello, the default FP3 keyboard is convenient for me, no problem. I even prefer it compared to the previous HUAWEI keyboard I had. And it can be changed to meet your needs, so this is no relevant complaint for me.
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For what it’s worth, I myself have never cared for any virtual keyboard (or for the recent generation of laptop physical keyboards). But then I learned two-handed touch-typing on a manual typewriter, so expect large keys I can hit (pound!) in rapid succession and jam… :wink:

Gboard seems Ok to me. It might be useful to have some specific examples of the problem(s?). For example, for me, until I configured Gboard to always show the number row, I was “constantly” annoyed with it for being hard to access digits when not in main alpha mode. I use a lot of non-alpha characters (habit as well as style and necessity), so having to jump through hoops to then type a digit was frustrating. That one, however, was easily solved (thanks, Gboard developers!).

What exactly is your problem?

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Topic unlisted until op makes clear if help is needed or what exactly should be discussed.