FP3+ won't switch on anymore

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I was using my FP3+ when the screen suddenly froze (the days and hours before, I didn’t notice any strange behaviour nor did the phone fall or anything). After a minute, I switched off the phone by pressing the power button 10 sec in order to reboot it. It did not reboot and the screen remained black. When I plugged in the USB cable, the charging LED did not go on, I couldn’t switch on the phone anymore. I couldn’t go either in bootloader or fastboot mode, trying to start with Power+Volume Down or Power+Volume Up had no effect.
I removed SIM and SD card, replaced the bottom module and the battery with no effect. I then replaced the display with a new one: the charging LED went on when I plugged in the phone to a charger and when I started the phone, the first boot screen with Fairphone logo appeared but it got stuck there. After 10 minutes I tried to reboot as nothing was happening (pressing power button 10 sec) and now I have the same effect as before: no charging LED when plugged in, impossible to switch on the phone, screen remains black…
So it doesn’t seem to be a hardware issue as I could get it to start with the new display. Any idea what I can do? I have some data on that phone that I would like to save so any solution without resetting the whole phone would be fantastic! Is there any way I can boot from the PC (bootloader hasn’t been unlocked)?

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Same Issue here.
It would be really appreciated if there is some help on this topic.

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If it really is the exact same issue, I guess it would be wise to contact support … https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us … to see whether they’ve heard of it already and perhaps have an idea, or at least to make them aware.



Given that you did get it to partially boot with a new screen it points towards either a poor contact, so disassembling and reassembling may ‘work’ ~ you could just try replacing the screen ensuring you have good contacts.

In case it’s a contact issue be sure to clean what you can with isopropyl alcohol and when tightening the screws do around the display first not to tight then the rest then tighten them all but not too much.

Check the water ingress indicators, as if one is red you will not be able to use any warranty you may have.

See this post that shows the ‘red’ square, hoping yours is white

In case that helps anybody else: Fairphone would have replaced my phone as it was still under warranty but I wanted to get back my data. So I ended up sending the phone to a data recovery company. They diagnosed that the memory chip had a malfunction which prevented it to communicate with the CPU. And therefore they couldn’t recover any data… So at the end I ended up buying a new phone for nothing… Anyway, now I’m doing backups even more often than before, lesson hard learned :wink:

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