FP3 with /e/OS - Crash, Black Screen won't start until plugged in restarts with same battery %

I’ve installed the /e/OS on my FP3 everything works fine however 2 days ago my phone crashed and had a black screen. Tried to restart, nothing would happen for a couple of seconds. Plugged it in and it restarted and had the same battery level as before. Same happened a few moments ago again.
I asked in the /e/ community and I’ve been told that it sounds like a hardware issue.

I have the FP3 since March and it sometimes crashed randomly (not often but i happened) with the stock OS.

Is the battery maybe wrong calibrated?
Any ideas?


Hi there and welcome to the community forum!

Did you check the #blackscreenguide? (it’s for FP2 but should globally work for FP3 as well)
Did you check the #batteryguide?

To calibrate it, you can do a #dic:kickstart.

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Hey, thank you very much!
I did the kickstart twice but that didn’t change anything. And I think I used the wrong wording - it is not a black screen. The whole thing crashes and I have to push the power button for quite some time.
I also discovered that I don’t have to plug it in for it to reboot.

Maybe an App is crashing something. I have to read myself into how crash reporting and logs work on android and maybe find sth there. I’ll post here as soon as I find sth.


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This might help: