FP3 what to replace? Camera or Top module?

After an accident with the FP3 the screen was broken and the cameras and flashlight don’t work anymore. Having replaced the screen, the cameras and flashlight don’t do anything. I can’t see any damage.

Now what? How to know what’s broken?
Do I need a new camera?
A new top module?

Thanks for sharing any related thoughts.


This would be an ideal job for a Fairphone angel if you can find one locally #fairphoneangel

It still could be just the connections, you may want to try reassembling the module again.


If your Fairphone 3+ runs the pre-installed Fairphone OS, you can dial * # * # 6 6 # * # * to run almost 30 hardware tests. This should help you to narrow down what’s wrong.


Hi Urs, Thanks for your reply.
The regular FP3 doesn’t seem to recognize the code: it didn’t bring me to any test.

Fairphone 3 or 3+ doesn’t make a difference with this, it should work … if you are using Fairphone OS.
Is there some error message when you are finished entering the code into the dialer?

/e/ or LineageOS don’t have this code and test suite implemented and would just do nothing.

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I have just tried this out on my FP3 and it does work. It looks from the post above there are spaces between the * and # but there aren’t any spaces at all so maybe this is the problem?

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Yes there are no spaces :slight_smile:

No, @urs_lesse used spaces to get the code displayed correctly here in the forum, else it would look like this: ##66## (same characters without the spaces, the forum software uses the asterisks to make characters italic), which wouldn’t help.

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With a letters keyboard, it would be a problem. However, as the dialling keyboard only has numbers and * and #, there is no risk of typing a space. As for why I added spaces in my reply above, AnotherElk exactly explained it.


AH! you can format the code via the </p> option so there are no spaces, is that not preferable? Did I miss something?


Thank you all. This helped quite a bit.
Apparently I hadn’t properly entered the code in the dialer.

Now I know: flashlight not working, front camera not available, back camera not working, but the LED works correctly.
My best guess is I need some camera module.

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