FP3 Wet phone now battery doesn't charge

Hi there, my FP3 got wet the other day and now the battery won’t charge when plugged in. I’ve taken the phone apart and put it in rice to dry out. Any help?

Should i get a new battery?
A new bottom module?

Rice is a wide-spread idea, but in fact not so very good overall, please see our #waterwiki.


Hello there - could I check how this was resolved in the end - I’ve had a similar problem - phone is working fine but won’t charge…

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Hello all,
Any update on this?
I think I faced the same issue

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Hi @antoine_odonne

Would you be more specific please?

How did you phone get wet? What did you do to dry it? How long ago did this happen?

The more detail you give the less basic questions will be running around the minds of those trying to help :slight_smile:

@AnotherElk By the way the waterwiki link does work for me

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Dear Amoun,
Thank you for your rapid feedback. I am actually not sure it did get wet, :slight_smile: it was in my pocket and a bit of snow felt in as well, which I removed rapidly…
Phone functions are OK I could call and take pictures all day long, so didn’t tried to dry anything or get worried.
Just since this day, I cannot recharge fully the battery (or maybe very slowly, 12 hours charge lead to 20% battery)
I never experienced any issue with charging before and kept same charger…
Thank you all and regards,

ps: I just rose this topic to Fairphone support team in the meantime.

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Yes not drying immediately, as the phone works, can be an issue as slowly small amounts of water evaporate inside the phone then condense when it gets cooler. If there is any contamination this then settles on the small components and their contacts often causing low value short circuits. You may also have debris in the charging port (USBC) I have a case with a barrier to stop the port collecting debris.

You may want to disassemble the phone to dry the modules well in a cool air flow for as long as you can. If there is any sign of dampness it could take a day or more to evaporate.

There are little white dots on the modules which turn red if they get wet, if that’s the case pay special attention to them.

For disassembly guides see

For water damage guide


A bit more info:

Some people will use rice, but the phone has to be well separated from the rice so that dust does not get into the phone. The following topic details that ~ but better not to use rice and use an air flow. Anyway this old post does bring up the issues of drying. Good luck!


Just an addendum to the already perfect advice by @amoun :
iFixIT Wiki on Electronics Water Damage
(Including a “what to do” list; step by step.)

plus an interesting article (or rather two); from iFixIT as well:


Dear Amoun, all,
Dismentling the phone and letting it in dry ventilated place for the night helped a lot. Battery and charge are OK now. Thank you all,