FP3 went off and doesn't want to start anymore

Hi all :slight_smile:

I’m the happy owner of a FP3+ since 2-3 years (don’t really remember) and I hadn’t big issues since 2 days ago. Indeed, at some point, my phone simply went off by itself and I wasn’t able to make it start again. 10 minutes before I was using it with ~60% of battery without any issue and then I locked it and I was never able to make it live again :frowning:

I first thought about a battery issue. I tried to charge it, but no reaction from the phone (no light on the top, nothing). I decided then to order a new battery. I received it this morning and… Exactly the same ! Trying to charge it does not have any effect.

The charger cables I’m using worked, si I guess that the problem is not coming from there.

Now, I don’t really know what to look at. I disassembled the phone to clean it. It didn’t change anything. I assume that the 2 batteries I have have some energy so it should be OK to show a sign of life, but there is nothing. I’m now thinking that it could be the bottom module, but as it’s just a guess, I would prefer to get advices from the community before buying every single module while it could be a more serious problem :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome to the forum.

The FP3+ hasn’t been out for 2 years and is still under warranty if you haven’t been swimming with it etc.

You can check the batteries they will need around 3.8V to operate the phone for a while.

Can you also find a #fairphoneangel near you that may be able to assist?



Yes, you’re right! I didn’t think about the warranty.

Thanks! I’ll keep you posted if I get any interesting info from that problem :slight_smile:

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