FP3 waterdamage, constantly vibrating

Hi, I have a waterdamage (2h in washing maschine…) with my FP3. Now it is constantly virbrating and I cant switch it on. I made a complete tear down, changed the bottom module (responsible for e.g. vibration). But still the problem is not solved. Do you have any experiences on that? I fear that the mother board broke. This is nothing to be replaced right?

Hoping for help, BR, Tobias

Have you read the #waterwiki
How long did you let it dry completely open? A few days would be the minimum.
Opening the phone, is there any visible water damage (e.g corrosion)?

Check the #waterdamage tag.

No indeed, at least not yourself.
Perhaps you can contact a local #fairphoneangel who might be able to help you testing what is faulty if he/she has FP3 spare parts and is willing to.
Otherwise, I’m afraid 2h in the washing machine is long, too long for a non-waterproof phone to survive…
You can #contactsupport if you want it repaired, but be ready to pay a hefty price if it’s the core-module, or even the whole phone to be changed. See here the repair price list:

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If the phone is thoroughly rinsed from any soap and detritus residue then dried it could work.

I dropped a phone over the side of a boat, some 20 years ago. It fell to the bottom of a tidal river. I had to leave it there overnight, then wait for the tide to go out. Then i had to find it in the mud by trawling with a magnet. After a thorough wash in rain water and days of drying it was fine. It worked for six years after that. Clean water, best use de-ionised water used for topping up lead_acid batteries, will leave no residue once the phone is dry.

So once the battery is removed and the phone washed and dried it ‘should’ be ok if there was no battery short when submerged.

So in your case it seems as though something is shorted out, i would hope by residue, which you may be able to wash out. if it is a short inside a module then it may well need a module change, though keep any old module and see if you can work on it

You could have been lucky there. :grin:
But you sure made everything right.

I always point to the iFixIT water damage wiki, that offers good advice for all electronics water damage.
According to that 90% or higher isopropyl alcohol is best for cleaning (as it dries fastest) but deionized water is a great alternative (and way cheaper to clean a whole phone thoroughly :wink: )

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