FP3 via Provider : Lease your Phone

Greetings from Germany :slight_smile:
I watched the developement of the Fairphone with Interest while using old “non-smart” phones the last jears and always told myself that if I finally bought a Smartphone it would be a FP.
And now my old Phone broke at the same time my Provider asked me to continue or upgrade my contract: To my delight they offered me a FP3 with acceptable terms.

My question is:

How sustainble will any repair/replacement or warranty issue be solved, als I did not purchase the device directly?

To my amusement this could not be answerd by the Vodafone Shop, simply telling me that this would be solved in a Case by Case Workflow, probably by speedy replacement or repair process.

Well… As I work in tech support / customer service myself I am only too familiar with such half- sufficient answers and thought I would reach out here.

To be precise: this is not a support request or complaint, simply interest in how well Developer / Producer Teams and Business Partners have already pre- planned possible issues.
And I suppose that I will not be the only one interested in this ?

By the way:
I am very happy with the phone so far !

Kind regards, Rob


By the way, I found this while browsing the Forum :

Adding it as directly topic related


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