FP3 Update: 8901.4.A.0013.4 Adaptive Brightness

I had hoped not to have this a separate issue but things are not going ‘well’

I found the adaptive brightness didn’t respond by ‘learning’ my preferences, it just kept going to the darkest setting. After a couple of weeks I have now disabled it.

However I noticed today that I was in bright sunlight and the screen went dark. No to the lowest setting but given the bright day the screen was illegible, so I had to manually increase the brightness.

I haven’t installed any apps etc. and am not in a hurry to do a lot of testing, I’ll just see how it goes for the few weeks as it’s not a big problem.

However \I do wonder if posts that relate to this ‘Adaptive brightness’ issue in the main thread could be moved here. Posts 71 to 75 (the numbers are questionable)

  • Historically it was fine
  • Then a new level of darkness arrived and the ambient light would often switched to it and effectively; blank out the screen.
  • Another update was sent to remove the flaw in the previous and all was fine again
  • Now there is this creeping darkness. I know the summer solstice has gone but it’s not autumn for the FP3 is it?

Another update. With the adaptive brightness off there is usually no problem, but today I had the same one as I had a year ago. See post linked to below.

I was walking out from a railway station, it wasn’t bright sunlight, very cloudy, and the screen went dark.

I ahd to find some shade to be able to see any text eveb after restarting the phone by accident as I had pressed the power button a number of times.

Once I had access the brightness had beens set to zero|lowest setting, which given the ‘new’ darkness and being daylight made the phone unusable.

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Two more possible reports

Just to confirm that I’ve had a small number of occasions where it’s gone too dark in bright light, since the 8901.4.A.0013.4 release-keys release.

It’s not as bad as last year when the feature was completely useless, but figured I’d report it.


Fairphone 3 owners remember around the same time last year: after an update, the automatic brightness adjustment turned our screen almost black. Manually adjusting the brightness only helped for a short time, the automatism kicked in and set the brightness to some unusable level. The problem was finally fixed after 2 or 3 software updates.

Starting with the August 2022 upgrade, I have the problem AGAIN. And worse! Not only does the screen suddenly turn dark for no reason whatsoever. It can also turn up to full brightness in the middle of a session with no change of ambient light. During the time it takes me to adjust manually, there will again be another unexpected shift in brightness. I would almost call it flickering if it were not clear that there is software at work.

Please, does anybody else have the same problem? I am sure I am not imagining it.

Or is there some secret manipulation, e.g. to delete the brightness history or so?

Any help is appreciated.


Regarding the screen brightness issue: That annoying thing seems to have reappeared again. My screen brightness drops to zero suddenly again. Anyone else noticing that?


Moved your post here, please see above

I guess we will not see the promised update/fix for this and the Bluetooth controls issue before the end of the month.

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