FP3+ turns off/on in endless loop

My FP3+ (3 years old) turned itself off just out of the blue yesterday. Since then it has been in an endless loop of turning off and on when the battery is inside. I’ve tried taking the battery out for a few hours, but it does the same when I put it back in. I’ve tried to charge it in multiple ways, but the LED does not light up.

Could the battery be defect? Or is it not the battery but some other part which could maybe cause this problem?

There seems to be a spate of dead or looping FP3s lately. Search this board and you will find others sadly.

It is not normal for the FP3 to start booting as soon as the battery is inserted. Is that what you mean happens or do you mean after you insert the battery you then depress the power button before the endless reboot loop starts? If it starts to boot as soon as you insert the battery, I’d look to see if the power button is stuck in.

If it doesn’t boot the instant you put the battery in, what happens when you put the charger cable in with phone off? Anything?? To charge, the FP3 semi boots, but not so far as the spinning blue blobs. I guess that is when the majority of the services start and where a crash is most likely. When off and a charger is plugged in FP3 boots just enough to enable charging. If nothing happens, I’d try other cables, chargers before suspecting bottom module. The battery could be discharged as you say.

Sorry, can’t think of anything else. Maybe you can find a Fairphone angel near you who could test your FP3 with a charged battery just to see if it completes a boot.

Thank you for responding! It started booting as soon as the battery was inserted. However, after a few days I opened up the phone and cleaned the inside. It looked like it had some water damage as one of the screws was rusty. I then put the battery in, but the problem was not resolved. Then, after a few days of letting it rest, it put the battery in again and this time it didn’t start to boot right away. It was also recognized by the charger again and I was able to turn it on again. I immediately updated the system. While it works fine now, I don’t know what will happen if it is turned off.


Thanks for letting folks what you did. :+1: I’m pleased you got it working.
Fingers crossed when the time comes when you need to do a restart, it will. If you updated the Android system then the phone would have re-started during that process. Maybe you meant updated your apps, in which case it wouldn’t.

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