FP3+ sync with Mac / OSX

Hi there, I would like to sync my FP3+´s contacts with my Mac. Which app is best suited for that? Many thanks in advance …

Hi! I am using the DAVx5 app on my FP3 and the built-in apps on my mac to sync my contacts, calender and tasks. In between is my email provider supporting CalDAV/CardDAV. But if I remember correctly u can also access ur Apple iCloud Account via the DAVx5 app on the phone :thinking:
Do u already have ur contacts stored anywhere online? If they are for example already in ur iCloud or on the server of ur email provider I would trie to link ur FP3 (over the DAVx5 app) to this.

Maybe others using easier ways/apps but with the standard CardDAV u are pretty independent and will find Apps an every device to sync :upside_down_face:

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Hi Marv, many thanks for your answer! I was looking at DAVx5 too, I now just have to find a way to be able to buy the app via the PlayStore (FP3+ Google Play Store does not accept password) :slight_smile:

You can get DAVx5 (excellent!) from the Amazon App Store:


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You could also get it over the Fdroid-Store; u could install the APK over their website https://www.f-droid.org/ and then DAVx5 using this Store. But if u want to use the Google Play Store anyway (handling payments, installing already bought apps), I would try to solve this problem before installing and configurating too much and doing some work twice in the end :see_no_evil:


… I followed @teezeh ´s advice and went over the amazon app store - perfect! Many thanks!

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