FP3 Sudden Death

Mine died yesterday. No charging light, won’t turn on. Anyone had any luck fixing this?

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Please read through the (few) posts in this thread, there is already advice and explanation.

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Sorry to hear that this has happened to you as well. I don’t think the advice of putting your phone in the oven is safe as it could overheat and catch on fire. I am amazed that this advice is
being given to people as sensible option
@mikiballester-When is fairphone going to acknowledge this issue with the motherboard of the F3 that they sold approx 3 years ago? I think it is only FAIR that the brand apologies to the people affected for selling them a product that did not meet their promises.

Please do NEVER put the whole Phone in the oven. Put ONLY the motherboard with the correct side up into the oven! As long as you only put the actual mainboard in there nothing should catch on fire though. After all its basicaly how SMD soldering works in the first place. (Something could still break, but it shouldn’t blow up in your face.)


There is no user like that here who would be notified of your mention. The “-” breaks your intended reference in this case.

Thanks all for your help!

I was wondering whether replacing the bottom module had worked for anyone - or whether this issue usually requires something more. Correct me if I am wrong @Incanus, but there is no other fix listed than the oven one. I am reluctant to try this out.

I have had the phone over three years, so out of the guarantee. Trying to avoid ordering spare parts that won’t fix the phone.

There no word about the bottom module, more likely it‘s a chip on the core module that needs resoldering or needs to be replaced.

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Thank you very much!

I have the same problem. I was hoping that just the battery died. But all this topics in the forum make me think it is a general problem. :frowning:

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It seems indeed an genarl problem, if you reed the possibl solutions it would be the bottom module

But just that one module isn’t availble.

This is what I found on trust pilot, as rection one some one with an simular problem, it was post yesterday so it seems the modules will be on stock soon?

Hello Gilles, thanks for sharing your journey with Fairphone. We are truly sorry to hear about your experience. However, we could not find any case from your side with our support team. Please, know you can always reach out and we will be happy to assist you. The FP3/+ Bottom Module will be back in our webshop in the coming days, in the meantime our support team will help you further. We have opened a request and you should have received an email from our side. Best, Lorena

PS; time to time the moment I can’t restart the phone because of the battery is completely down (after af few start ups) I can’t recharge the phone will he’s off (just the indicataion led lights up)

They’re already back:


I have just had the same issue 65%bat tried to open photos then black dead.
Sent a message to FP so will see what they surgest.

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You posted here in a ‚Sudden Death‘ thread. So I don’t believe you have the same problem as Gerdi.V. Her FP3 is working, there is just an inconvenience while charging. The bottom module she mentioned has nothing to do with the sudden death problem some FP3 are showing.

Dear @Incanus
the latest problem I had was an charging problem I thought it was sudden death but will sharing feather it seems that it was en problem with the bottom module

I had posted in the wrong topic

Dear @BenRalli

What your experience could be the same I had have a few months ago (sudden a that phone), that I have been able to solve with this explanation

Hopefully it can fix your problem as well

Kind regards

I’m in the same boat as you- 3yr old phone from 2 yr warranty, debating spares vs repair shipment

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I experienced the same thing last week - sudden death with no response since. Currently awaiting on acknowledgement of the issue from Fairphone via the contact form. By the sounds of it, it’ll be a toss up between ‘take it on the chin and pay for repairs’ or get a new phone …

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Yes same as me. Just heard back from Fairphon, took one week for a response. This was the reply:

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your device. If the device is not showing any led lights or signs of charging, I believe the the best course of action is to repair your Fairphone 3.

Your Fairphone 3 was delivered to you more than 2 years ago, thus the manufacturing warranty on it has expired and no longer covers repairs or replacements.

In this situation, you have the following options.

### Option 1 - Send your device to our repair center at your own cost.

For more information consult the repair price list and FAQ on our website.

The repair center will diagnose and provide a quotation. If rejected we will:

  • Send the device back (we will charge between €25 - €35 for Assessment & handling costs)
  • Recycle the device free of charge.

Shipping costs are separate and vary by country. Read more about shipping costs);

### Option 2 - Try to repair the device yourself

We sell spare parts for all of our products for as long as possible. You can check where key components are located in which spare part in our repair price list and FAQ.

### Option 3 - Try to repair the device locally.

If you would like to ask other Fairphone customers about local repair shops they can recommend, I welcome you to have a look at our Community Forum.

### Option 4 - Recycle (and Upgrade?)

It’s also possible to recycle your Fairphone 3 via our Reuse & Recycle Program. We’ll then give your Fairphone the chance for a second life – or recycle its components in an eco-responsible way. In return, we’ll offer you a gift card for our online shop. You can use it towards buying a new Fairphone. Want to learn more about recycling? Please visit our Reuse & Recycle page or visit the Reuse & Recycle FAQ.

Good to know: thanks to our ongoing quality improvements, the Fairphone 5 currently comes with an Extended warranty.


Before committing yourself to sending device back to Fairphone (cost of assessment, UK delivery, battery & bottom module ~ 150GBP), I am in the UK and have a boxed second FP3 with updated camera modules available. I would include a spare new bottom module for peace of mind. As you now have a “Basic user” badge you can use the use the “Blue Message” rectangle to communicate by personal message if desired.

Thanks. I’ve already bought a battery- just need to check if I’ve committed myself to the repair route, FP are not exactly being quick! Will message you re price- sustainability is a major worry for me (it’s my professional sector) so repair always comes before replace, but yes an existing phone as replacement is better than buying a new one.

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