FP3 storage, etc

Dear all,
I have been an iPhone user for years. I would like to switch to FP for ethical reasons. But I am not a computing geek at all ! My main concern is the following : I will have to add an additional SD card to increase the memory, mostly to store videos I make (before sharing on YT). Is it easy ? Will I need to go into complicated parametrization to tell the camera app to store in a special place the pics and movies ? I would like te device to be user friendly.
Thanks !

Hi there and welcome to the community forum !
When you will insert the sd card, you will have a notification asking you how you want to format it. I recommend you to format it as external storage, you will have much less trouble than formatting it as internal storage. I don’t own a FP3, but it should be relatively easy to ask the camera to store photos and videos on the sd card (a setting called “storage” or something similar, maybe someone can confirm). No more complicated stuff should be involved.
Depending on what else you want to store, you might have a few problems with some apps. But for the camera you shouldn’t have any trouble.

There are also other topics about sd cards, I’ll let you check this one for example. It was about FP2, but it shouldn’t make a great difference, it’s still android after all.


As long as you follow Alex’s advice and choose to use it as “external” (also known as “portable”) storage, you don’t have to worry. You can still switch individual apps’ settings later if you want and move files to the SD card manually every once in a while if necessary or wanted.



storing your clips on SD should not be an issue at all. But a strong warning from my side: Do not expect an FP3 to be nearly as fluent when it comes to on-device video editing. Newer iPhones are way ahead in this area, I have to admit. If you know someone who has a Fairphone, ask that person to let you try your usual video things before you buy an FP3 and get frustrated.

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