FP3: Still too much packaging waste

Ok you’re right, my tone was inappropriate and the smallest size are not all in the house. I am really sorry and I beg your pardon.

However, I still think that the tool as a package insert is mostly wasted.


I ordered a FP3 and a FP2 battery, they came inside a box full of plastic protective packaging which I dislike. I think that as an environmental conscious company they should use non-plastic packaging, such us cardboard or crumpled paper.


I agree, but it could also be that they just reused packaging stuff they received with packages themselves.


I’m all in favour of using those corn starch packing peanuts. They dissolve in water so you can lick the ends and stick them together to build stuff, like little animals and rockets and houses; I even built a trilobite the size of my arm last week with packing peanuts from a package I got, and once I was done irritating my colleagues with it I just dissolved it and flushed it down the toilet!

Grown up voice: Also, sustainability.


Almost two years later and still there is to much waste. A box in a box? Please reduce this. The presentation is wonderful and so are the products.

Hi Taxi10000

‘too much’ Who’s to say?

I’m not the vendor and ‘whilst you’re are pointing the finger someone else is judging you’ (Bob Marley) :broken_heart:

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