FP3 starts charging and suddenly switches off

Hi everyone

Sorry to bother but I’m looking for some help.

I bought a FP3 a month ago. I bought an USB-C cable and charger. No issue at all for a month. My phone charged just fine.

And today, as I was out, I emptied the battery and the phone went dead. And now, when I plug the charging cable, the phone starts switches on, indicates that it starts charging and then switches off again.

I cleaned the entry, I also tried different chargers and cables, and I still run into the same issue. I took the battery off and put it back in, and it also doesn’t make a difference. Would anyone ever have had the same issue and found the origin ? Thanks a lot beforehand. Any suggestion would be very helpful.



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Welcome to the community forum!
How long did you let it charge? Same thing happened on my FP2, turns out I just had to be patient and let it plugged in and charge for 10 minutes or so, even though it gave strange signs.
It may be something else, but this is my first guess.


Unfortunately this sounds very much like what I only heard about from a German FP3 owner last week (she eventually had to send in her FP3 and got her core module replaced).

However, there might still be things to test if you happen to have access to someone else’s FP3. You can test if the other FP3’s battery and/or bottom module make a difference when transplanted into your own FP3. If this was the case, you might have found the culprit (i.e. the defect part).

In any case, you better contact Fairphone Support soon (we are all just users here :angel:).

P.S.: It will not have voided your warranty, but better make sure not to let the battery run all dead anymore in the future.

You are describing totally normal behaviour so far.

The battery ran empty, so the phone is off.
When you connect it to a charger in this state, it will for a moment indicate that it will be charging now, then go silent again.
Just let it charge the battery for a while now before you try to turn it on.


I have the same issue for the 2nd time :roll_eyes:

The solution was last time: Sent it to repair and got a new Fairphone. Now it started again.

Thanks everyone. I never expected the community to be so supportive and helpful. You’re amazing !

I plugged my phone on the charger for the whole night and somehow that did the trick. The battery is now fully loaded.

And yet, there was something definitely wrong with it. For, when I plugged it earlier, it would not just switches on shortly and then switches off. It would repeat that cycle over and over, showing no sign of actually loading. I have no idea what triggered that and I hope it won’t happen again, but I wouldn’t bet on it. What’s for sure is that I’ll try not to let it go empty ever again :slight_smile:


Well it actually is normal behaviour. I think the battery is just too empty to show any signs.
Nice that it worked :slight_smile:

It may seem a stupid question, just asking to be sure, you did let it charge long enough didn’t you?

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Yes, I did. I started a reset to factory status and now everything ist deine again.
We’ll see…


OK, it was fine for about 16 hours, now it is all the same: Not charging. I am really tired of this.
Funfact: I asked the support, no answers yet.

Just to be sure (sorry), I suppose you already did all the troubleshooting, trying different cables, chargers, plugs and so on, and cleaning the micro usb port of your bottom module (?)

Yes, I did it all, even factory rest

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Well then, as @urs_lesse said…

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