FP3 spare parts now available in the Fairphone shop

All Fairphone 3 spare parts with the exception of the battery and the camera module can now be bought from the Fairphone online shop. This also includes the new Fairphone Earphones spare cable.


Everyone bear in mind that if you haven’t actively voided your FP3’s warranty, it should still cover replacement modules. So for the time being, buying a replacement module should only be necessary if for whatever reason your FP3 lost its warranty. Of course, a backup battery might still be interesting to some – I for my part think that battery running time on the FP3 is so good though that this won’t be as necessary as on the FP2.

On a different note, FP1 spare parts have disappeared from the Fairphone spare parts shop. My personal guess is that the remaining spare parts sold very few units recently (as widely known, the FP1 display and battery sold out over two years ago already).

Hello, i have an active support request on the website for a broken camera module in my phone.
If i’m reading this correctly, it’s covered under warranty? If so, awesome :slight_smile:
Phone is all stock, luckily hadn’t gotten around to rooting it or anything yet :smiley:

(Support Request #342845)

I’m probably in the not ideal topic but couldn’t find a better one.
So: I have a malfunctioning audio jack. Fairphone doesn’t offer a replacement but instead want me to send them my google free FP3 for 2 weeks or more, where they will remove lineage and restore the old google android and replace the audio jack.
I thought the Fairphone principle was open it own it and get spare parts instead of sending it in for weeks?
(yes, I’m very disappointed - and that after weeks and months of waiting for a reply from support).
Any thoughts on this? tnx.

I understand your anger and support times right now seems to be a pain in the a** for many users.
But if it’s a warranty case, they - of course - have to check the device for at least two reasons.

  1. To avoid fraud
  2. To find out, where the trouble lies and maybe improve the design/construction …

I just hope for you, that they at least act a bit faster now, than they seem to have done so far.
Keeping my fingers crossed.

Please, note that Fairphone offers support ONLY for Fairphone OS

Did you consider to install Fairphone OS yourself and confirm that the problem with the audio jack persists with the supported OS?
Did Fairphone perhaps ask you if you could do that? (They should have, I think.)

If the supported OS isn’t on the phone to confirm the problem, then what else are they supposed to do other then to get the phone in to check for themselves?

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well, believe me? do a videocall to let me demonstrate the situation?
it is a technical / physical problem, not a software OS problem. the earphones work on any other device but not on FP3, if I plug them in there, there is no click, I have to hold them down all the time - impossible to go running at the same time)

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Ok, they could have done that. Sounds like you could have convincingly demonstrated it’s hardware …

… without the bumper.

to be fair, I only thought of that option just now.
Now anyway, they ackknowledge the hardware-situation, but still want to change the OS etc.
I think I will have to get the spare part if that’s possible and see to replace it somehow. At the moment I need the phone a lot and can’t send it off for 2-3 weeks.

update with good news:
I got a reply from FP support, they said they will send a new top module on warranty.
happy weekend to all!


Great to hear that!!

That’s more like the Fairphone support I had the luck experiencing myself (some time ago).
Just hope, they will be back on track pretty soon with support requests and servicing them.


that was on Nov 25, I replied the same day. And haven’t heard from them since. 16 days now.
So no cause for celebration after all, back to waiting.

This is unbelievable. I just got the information that the top module has been sent - but …

I sent them an email on Dec 7 telling them about this with the current interim address and asked how I should enter it in my account. No reply. Until today when I found out that they are sending it to the wrong address. wrong town.

to recap: I contacted Fairphone support on Sept. 8 about the problem. And now, three months later, it looks like the problem will still not be solved. Maybe 2021 then? or 2022?

I hope I am just very unlucky and this is nowhere near usual Fairphone standard.

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I think you’re very unlucky…I bought the camera module 3+ on Thursday last week (I live in Italy). Product expected on Monday and I received it on Saturday! Just 3 days! Courier was UPS and I performed the trade with my FP account.


That’s terrible.
Can you manage to get hold of the parcel anyway?

Unfortunately a change of adress is very often a cause for trouble.
It seems such anomalies lead to confusion on a regular basis.

I hope you can make it work out for you!
Keeping my fingers crossed.

Hi @Ruth_FP1,

Apologies for the experience you’ve had so far. Could you send me your ticket number? I can then check on this with my colleagues in the support team and get back to you asap.


thank you very much, I will send you a private message.

By the way, I tried calling Fairphone support this morning, 8 times. Each time, after only 1 ring there was the message “no support agents are currently available to take your call. Please call back later” (with a horrid US-accent, why not dutchy coloured?).
I wasn’t even put on hold.

Currently phone support is available from 1300 only.



thank you!
would be helpful if the automatic message could actually say that. “currently not available” to me sounded like “all engaged in calls”.


Apparently all Fairphone 3 and Fairphone 3+ spare parts are now back in stock.



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