FP3 Software update: 8901-4.A.0023.0

Hi everyone,

A new software update for Fairphone 3 and 3+ users is now available.

Software Version: 8901-4.A.0023.0
Security Patch Level: 5th of June, 2023
Update size: 15.68 MB

List of changes:

  • Updated security patch level.

This is mostly a security update and there should be no impact to your daily usage.
If you have any questions, post them below.


Thanks devs!
Does that mean that the A13 update will be delayed one month ? It wouldn’t make sense if the A13 is deployed in two weeks.

Until someone from Fairphone responds, here’s my speculation: The A13 upgrade might be “rolled out” over a certain period of time (just like its beta version was), not becoming instantly available to everyone on the same day. So I would not rule out that there might be a slightly shorter period than usual in between today’s (minor) update and the arrival of A13 at the first Fairphones.

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You can also manually check Settings → System → Advanced: System update and press “Update” to force check system updates. Not sure if it then always shows the latest already provided update or if there’s another rolling update process behind, but in case it can help.

I got this update notification yesterday or maybe the day before.

Has anybody tried to update? Any regression issue?


Update done yesterday. So far so good. :slight_smile:


My FP3+ got it’s update early this morning and didn’t have any problems. Then I made a tidy-up on my Display and now: phone and user are smiling :slight_smile:


It’s going well and we’re on track, but the work is not done yet. A small delay is still possible. The Android 12 upgrade for Fairphone 4 taught us that regardless of other plans, it’s always better to release the security updates on schedule.


Well done!

updated just a few minutes ago, rebooted the device, no visible issues here so far

Very wise decision and very much appreciated!

Let me put it in a provocative phrase:
Security comes first.
All other updates & features are just for hipsters :yum:
(… and please forgive me if you identify yourself as a hipster :wink: )



thanks for the answer.
obviously a sound and robust upgrade is far better than a rushed job, so our best to you and to the team, keep up the good work!



I have just updated the software this morning and since the updating seems that my contacts have disappeared from de app.
When I try to recover the contacts from de security copy an error appears.

Any help?

installed without problems.

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Which app do you use for Contacts? It looks like the stock app?

What was your backup method? Normal Google backup?

If Gg then can you access your contacts when you open a webmail session https://mail.google.com ?

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You can also check your contacts and whether the issues lies with Google or the Fairphone via HTTPS://contacts.google.com/

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I use the app contacts which was installed from the factory on my Fairphone.

I checked my contacts on Gmail and all is correct. I can see all my contacts.

Seems to be a bug in Google Contacts, nothing to do with the FP update.



Thanks to everybody. Finally I recovered a security copy of my contacts (vcards) saved from 2021.

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If you can access your contacts from https://contacts.google.com/, you can download from there an updated vCard or CSV so you can have you actual contacts up to date.

You can do it by clicking this button:

Good luck, hope it helps!

PD: I applied this update a few days ago, and I had and have no problems whatsoever :slight_smile:


Thanks for your help Mixigodo.

It worked wood. :smiley:


It seems to me that after applying the update, the minimum brightness is brighter again than before. What do you think?