FP3 Slow Charging

Hi Teezeh,
thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, this is happening below 90% charging.

Thats exactly the same issue with my FP3. This happens also in the range of 20-90%. It seems like the phone sometimes switches wrongly in slow charging mode, even though the battery is not that low. Maybe something ist wrong with this smart charging feature. But how to fix it?

Hi, I’m also experiencing problems with charging my FP3… I had a problem with constant crash whatever I was doing but that seems to have solved itself?! Hasn’t happened for a week now and it was happening 6-10/day.
Now it’s the charging. I thought it was the lead and have ordered 2 new ones, different types. I plug it in when it’s around 30% and check it after half hour or less and it’s gone DOWN to 15 or below.
I put it on charge about an hour ago and it’s dropped by 5%, I’ve tried unplugging several times it did show 84% at one point but as soon as I put it down it went back to 24%!
Yesterday I tried cleaning the socket (blowing in it) and it seemed to behave but now I’m back to square 1. I thought maybe the socket was loose as there seems to be a bit of give to it. I received it back in Nov/Dec
I had a similar problem with my FP2 and was advised that the socket couldn’t be changed so I would have to have new drive etc as it was inclusive. So I waited for FP3 …now I seem to be in the same boat… any suggestions if the Battery troubleshoot doesn’t work would be gratefully received.

Hello, I had a couple of months ago a sudden problem with my fairphone 3 charging. When I was plugging the phone to charge, nothing happen or only a slow charge after disconnecting and reconnecting the cable 2 or 3 times. I contact fairphone and they were not really helpful and told me to see with the retailer, but we were lockdown and the repair service was unavailable. One time that it was charging, i let it plug for a long time and even after the battery was 100% and after that fast charging worked again and is still working.
I’m using the official charger and cable and before that I have always try to keep the battery between 40 and 80%. I can’t explain why but this has worked for me.


Hello ! I have exactly the same issue with my FP3… Slow charging almost every time and have to disconnect and reconnect to have recharge normally… Sometimes, for no specific reason i have the fast charge bu after 5 minutes the phone stop charging. If we all have the same issue with battery what can we do ?

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I have managed to get the phone charging reasonably fast again with the same charger.
Here are the scenarii where I get the phone both slow and fast charging:
If I plug the charger into the power socket first and then plug the power lead to the phone, I get the led lighting up and battery flash symbol showing up too. In that case, the phone will slow charge.
However, from the above setup, if I plug the power lead out and back in from the charger end, the led will light up again but with no flash symbol. In this scenario, the phone will charge fast again.
Does anyone have any explanation to that ?



I’m still having this problem , tried Battery guide (reboot x3) which made no difference.
It makes no difference in which order I connect charger/phone. It’s constantly on “slow charge” only difference now is instead of it saying full charge in 22! hours at least it’s a time below 10hrs. I had an episode like this once before but that was due to faulty charge lead & plug which I replaced. This episode started approximately 4-6 weeks ago.
Still waiting for new leads which might help but as others are experiencing same problem I’m not so sure.

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I have this exact way of charging! Plug in then take out the charger from the socket and put back in again immediately. I noticed if it tells me ‘slow charging’ for anything more than about 3 seconds then it reverts to slow charge on its own at some point during charging and usually just a minute from the start. it only rapid charges if this changes on screen within 1-2 seconds. If it takes longer I pull the charger out and repeat.

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good to hearing that this weird situation is reproductible on other phones. I would interested to get some feedback from the product team on that :slight_smile:

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Fairphone don’t read officially here, if you want to contact Fairphone you have to #contactsupport.

Are you all running android 10 or still android 9?

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thanks alex, did not know that. on Android 9 or 10, same behavior for me

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Android 9 to last monday. 10 to today and 10 update installed

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My battery was charging well, but suddenly, after 6 months of use, it only charges very slowly. About 1 or 2 % an hour. On the display it also says: “Charging slowly” (wird langsam geladen) I did the test as recommended, it says, my battery is fine.
Does anyone have this experience?

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I moved your post here to avoid duplicates. Please have a look around.

Thank you! Oh dear, seems to be a common problem.

7 people (or 8 perhaps) have reported the problem in this thread. It’s not really what I call common.

I actually thought about something my brother told me, namely that USB-C can be plugged in two different ways, one for regular charging and one for fast charging. I can not confirm though and I don’t own a FP3. What happens if you plug the USB-C cable the other way round?

Else, as said higher in the topic, did you #contactsupport or a #fairphoneangel?

I’m having the same issue, started with the android 10 update, along with some other bugs

Thank you. Yes, I immediately contacted support. So far no solution from them.
If I plug it the other way round it is the same. The only thing that helps so far is plugging it in and out and in and out until it changes to “charging normally”. Can take some minutes.


I know that we’re not talking about a Fairphone 2 here, but nevertheless: has anyone here tried swapping their bottom module with one of another Fairphone user or one of the #fairphoneangels?