FP3 - sim card(s) not detected


My new FP3 does not detect sim cards - no matter if inserted into SIM card slot 1 or slot 2.
I tried my old card that works fine in the FP2. Then I got a new card today but it isn’t recognised either.

I have no clue if there is a (hidden?) hardware test tool - either when the system is up or one that can be activated using something like ‘fastboot test all’.
When I type the code written in https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360048775391-Identify-and-solve-issues-with-SIM-card-s- into the phone app nothing happens. So after the last typed ‘*’ a menu does not appear. Although that might be because I use /e/ OS?!

How can I test what’s wrong?

No offense, but are you sure that you have inserted the SIM card(s) properly?

They have a video on how to do it properly:

(by no means meant to insult you, but there were quite some people in the past who had not gotten this right)

Good luck!


:wink: Well, it’s not my first smartphone…

Anyways, you can only put it in one way, so that it will latch. You’d probably break the card (not latched) when you put the battery back into the FP3.

Even if not, if you put it so that the metal contacts are facing upwards then they will not have contact with the proper contacts at the phone - nothing to detect then.
But thanks for replying!

I’m looking forward to more ideas!

If I’m not mistaken, this code only works on the stock OS (but I’m not 100% sure).

Did you try the second SIM slot? Whoops, sorry, read your post too fast.
You could also try putting a little piece of paper to wedge the card in the slot.

Are you already on Android 10?

No, android 9 here.
AFAIK /e/ OS based on android 10 for FP3 is not released yet.

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When I put the card into the phone - there is actually a picture that shows how to put SIM cards into a slot.

What I ment was that the card does not stay where it should be if it is inserted in the wrong way - you can’t even slide it in completely because the “cut” edge of the card does hit some plastic at a point.
When I put the card into the slot - just as the picture shows - then the card slot clicks and the card stays where it should be. So if I understood what you suggest (wedging) would not help.

Although it doesn’t seem to move and be wedged in properly, it could still be badly connected due to a defect of the core-module. Though you are right that it is very unlikely, for some things, trying won’t harm :slight_smile: Sometimes strange things work.

Could you try a #dic:factorydatareset, to know if it’s a software problem? Could you try installing another OS (stock OS for example), to know whether it’s a problem with /e/?
Otherwise, it might be a hardware defect, in which case you should #contactsupport.

If all the tips here do not help and if your phone really is new, you should contact support as soon as possible. Maybe - if you are still inside the 14 day return period - this can speed things up to get your phone exchanged.
I would not tinker too much.

Did you change the OS or did you buy from the e-foundation.
If you bought the phone with Fairphone OS and switched to /e/, you might have to return to Fairphone OS, to make sure, that the problem does not result from switching the OS.
If you bought the phone running /e/, I would not touch that, but contact e-foundation (the vendor) at once.

Good luck. I keep my fingers crossed!!

Just did not read well enough, that you already have a new SIM card, so I deleted this question. :blush:

Edit 2:
I just did a test with my wifes FP3, that runs /e/ as well.
Dialling the code for the service menu doesn’t work for me either. No menu.
So this really is due to the different OS. :frowning:


Doing it that way didn’t help and a factory reset didn’t help either.

So I reflashed the phone to the release state by calling ./FP3_flashall from the image FP provides. The SIM cards are not detected automatically.
The test menu (dialing *#*#66#*#* ) does work with the Fairphone 3 OS. However the new and my old SIM cards were not detected in both slots.

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Unfortunately I bought the phone more than 2 weeks ago…
I switched to /e/ OS manually following this HOWTO.

Thanks :slight_smile: I hope that helps!

If you still have the problem while being on Fairphone OS, please #contactsupport. This is an issue and shouldn’t be considered normal. (I mean that if you don’t find a solution on the forum, you should contact FP to get an official repair and support)


Totally agree.
And I wouldn’t know, how this could have Bern csused by switching the OS. So, no worries about warranty. :smile:
Your switching back Kind of proved that.

So, clearly a case for the support.


Alright, lets see what the support says.