FP3 SD using it to store music

I would like to get an SD card for my FP3. It will only be used for storing my cd collection. What is the max size useable?

It would be really convenient if, having formatted the card on the phone, I could remove it, put it in the computer and transfer the files using the computer. I would then replace it in the phone. It’s this possible?



I recommend Martin’s request and our replies here :slight_smile: :

Most important: Make sure to set up the card as “portable storage” (external storage), that allows to use it as you want to – both in the Fairphone and in a computer or card reader.

Regarding capacity, I heard from one FP3 user who actually uses a 1 TB (1000 GB) card without problems, but I don’t know details of his use. Generally, music shouldn’t be a big challenge for an SD card.


Hi Theo

This is what I have. An SD card formatted on a Window PC to which I copied my music and then inserted in the phone. I have moved it from a Samsung to my FP3.

If you put it in the phone to format it, to be sure it’s compatible, you must format as portable, if you format as internal it will be encrypted and you not only can’t use it anywhere else there are numerous problems with formatting an SD card as internal.

As for size up to 400GB according to Fairphone



Very helpful.


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