FP3 SD Card Extension

I used an SD card to expand the memory. So i use everything as internal.
Now all the old photos are there (on the phone) but cannot be opened on the PC or on the phone. What happened and how can I save the photos? thanks

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Did you try to access the card in a card reader or with the phone connected to the PC? When using a SD card as internal memory, it is encrypted and can only be read in the original phone.

In general, formatting SD cards as internal memory is a common trap, especially as it is the first option in the menu, and many men are lying down there on the floor. It works for while, but out of the blue data is not accessible anymore, we have several threads here about the problem.

Do you happen to sync your data with Google drive or something else?


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Not a promising setup, the #sdcardguide should have more info.


Unfortunately nothing was secured externally. I am annoyed that there was no security message indicating that internal images or apps were damaged when I inserted an SD card. Only the note that all data on the SD card will be deleted …
Is there an app or something similar that can repair the files at least 6MB in size …

Well, using a SD card as internal memory is does not in all cases lead to a data loss. But as these flash cards are often manufactured and sold cheap, you should never rely on them. And data without a backup is already lost, according to a common saying.

What do you mean with the 6MB size?

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