FP3 repair organisations in the UK

Hello Everyone, I took my fairphone 3 for a swim the other day unamused: Have contacted Fairphone to see if i can send the phone to a repairer in the UK, it has definitely been damaged. Any ideas as i’m having difficulty finding any centres in the UK. Thanks

Welcome to our community forum. To avoid misunderstandings: You won’t get any official Fairphone response right here, this is a user forum.

However, what I can already say is that Fairphone has only one repair centre, in France. And sorry to say, but given your FP3 took a dive, it is out of warranty now. :neutral_face:


Slat water, Chlorine swimming pool, Hamstead outdoor pools or fresh water? if anything but clean water it needs rinsing.

I presume you removed the battery as soon as you got it out of the water??

Have you dismantled the phone to clean and dry the modules, it can take a few days to dry in a cool to warm air flow. Some of the modules can be further dismantled which can help in drying.

So what have you done so far to mitigate any damage? and please expand upon "it has definitely been damaged. "

Do not try and replace the battery until you are sure the other components are completely dry.


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