FP3+ Reduced wifi 2.4GHz quality after 6.A.020.0 update

Has anyone noticed FP3+ reduced wifi signal quality after the latest update??
The update is this one:
Software Version: 6.A.020.0
Security Patch Level: 5th of August, 2023
Update size: 76.72 MB

After this update, I’m not able to make video calls in my study room anymore, I have to move to somewhere closer to the wifi source, in order to get a better signal to make video calls.

Before this update, my FP3+ A13 can get good wifi signal in my study room and from a longer distance!

I use Ubiquiti UniFi wifi 6 lite. And I only broadcast 2.4GHz signal, because 5GHz signal is always problematic for my FP3+, I’m aware of the 5GHz issue discussed before on this forum. My FP3+ always worked well with 2.4GHz wifi. But now I think that even the 2.4GHz wifi is failing me! I have to move much closer to the wifi signal to get a good reception, comparing with before!

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