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Hi FP community,

There has been a lot of discussion about this - Google/Android related, 3rd party app related and whatnot, but I failed to deduce a bottom line, so here goes: What is the final verdict re recording phone calls on FP3+ with the vendor’s Android 10 installed? Is there any way to make it work? Is anyone able to record calls on this phone with this OS? If so, how?

I have read everything I’ve been able to find about it, and tried the various recommended apps. None of those apps were able to capture a 2way call - always recording silence or low hum as the other party’s sound.
Is there really no way to record phone calls? Neither native Android nor 3rd party?

Thanks in advance for any help / clarification / enlightenment.

Hi doron,
I have a FP3+ running the standard FPOS, latest (5th August) version 8901.3.A.0129.20210805.
I installed Cube ACR (free of charge version) with all requested permissions except Contacts.
It works. I wouldn’t say the distant speaker’s voice quality is specially good, but acceptable, it does the job. My own voice comes over fine.
Audio files are about 100kB/minute.
You can set it to automatically record every call, or set it to manual: once a call has started, you can start the recording if and when you want.
I haven’t tried any other app.
Note: normal audio recording apps will not be able to record calls. I tried with Easy Voice Recorder, no soap. The app needs to be specially designed, and have the requisite permissions, to hook on to the phone.

[Edit - As Volker rightly says, there are aspects other than the technical ones to consider. You asked whether anyone was able to record calls, I replied.
Some info.]


In addition to the technical aspects, you should also look into the legal aspects of voice recording in the country where you live.


Thanks @OldRoutard for the detailed and informative response!
Now I’m even more puzzled: On my FP3+, with exactly the same OS version/build, Cube ACR does not really record the other side of the call. My voice comes out loud and clear, but the other side’s is just noise (white hum mixed with some garbled digital sound artifacts). Nothing intelligible. Both in auto-record and manual record modes.

One “funny” data point (just tried it again, just in case something changed): When completing installation, Cube ACR asks you to make a test phone call. THAT call (I called some sort of auto-answering service) was recorded, with both sides. But any call that I make afterwards gets only my voice and noise.

Now I’m wondering how comes your experience and mine are so different?!

Thanks @Volker - yes, this aspect is understood.


In making tests, I think I was able to reproduce the problem you describe.

In the app’s Settings > Recording

Phone recording:

  • Phone recording audio source: Voice recognition (software)
    This was set by default. It’s not what I would have instinctively chosen. I haven’t tested other settings.
  • Phone calls clarity improvement: 70% approx.
    Reducing this produced results similar to those you describe
  • Force in-communication mode: enabled
    Disabling this produced results similar to those you describe

I haven’t tested the app with VoIP calls.


  • Maximize in-call volume: disabled

Other remarks: I’m not allowing the app to run in the background (no need as I’m not looking to record calls automatically).

I don’t remember seeing any invitation to make a test call during setup, and I don’t see it now. Maybe that’s offered with “Premium”.
Results are likely to vary a lot depending on circumstances (2G / 3G / 4G / LTE …) My test was on 4G without LTE.

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