FP3+ Protective Case black

Hy together,

I have to questions about the Protective Case for the FP3+:

  1. I saw on online-stores one Protective Case which is sold out and one with the Name Protective Case V2 which is in stock. So what is the difference between these two?

  2. I bought one year ago a Protective Case for my FP3+, but now it no longer fits tightly and slips in the case. Are there some tricks to tighten it?

Thank you for tips and a nice evening

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The black FP3 Protective Case(s) was switched from 37 % recycled to 100 % recycled plastic. i think that is all that changed (apart from becoming available in a third colour, blue).

Regarding your own case, contact Fairphone Support to get a replacement. Here’s the discussion about this problem:


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