FP3 protective case available now in BLUE

This just in :slight_smile:


And where are all the other nice colours??? :zipper_mouth_face: especially signal red, orange and yellow :grin:
A little bit disappointed :disappointed:
Why not pink with yellow dots?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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new color brings new feature: now 100% from recycled source!


well well - 100 % recycled sources - but pre-consumer recycled material. Can’t wait to see 100 % post-consumer recycled material. :smiley:


this could be the next milestone! :slight_smile:


But where’re the “Made with 37% biomaterials and non-toxic plastic” tokens as in the green and black cases? I’m more interested in non toxic than recyclable.

The black FP3 Protective Case now bears a “100% recycled” label, too.


So black and blue will do
Just don’t be seen with green!

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I am very happy that they did the blue one, as for me that is the fairphone colour (have never seen it on other phones) so a good signal. But what is the reason for the high price? Did they explainbefore?
40 € for the case and then 9 € for “shipping” from NL to D. That seems a lot, even for 100 % recycled non-toxic.

Yes in relative terms it is a lot for a piece of plastic and shipping ??

There no acceptable reason for what happens in the consumer world. Just have to accept that each of us consumes and are being consumed.

Hopefully most of the ‘money’ goes to offset ‘first world affluence’ to pay the ‘labourers’ Some hope, I hope.

No reasons are sensible, but my dreams are the only thing I can sustain without using others.

All the best.

You can’t compare those parts to cheaply and with child labor made Chinese parts you can buy online or at a flea market. It’s the same as with the phone itself. We have to pay for the efforts Fairphone is doing.

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