FP3+ protective bumper?

Hello everybody,

I just bought me a FP3+. When I unpacked it to set it up I got a bit confused. The manual shows that I have to remove the protectiv bumper (which I know from a friends FP3). But there is none.
Can someone please tell me if there isn’t such a case for FP3+ or if its a mistake of the shop I bought it (not the FP shop, because its temporarely not available).

Lot of thanks

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The black bumper was only included with the FP3, the FP3+ came without the bumper because Fairphone tested the FP3+ and found its housing more robust than the FP3’s. So they found that it was not necessary to add the bumper to the FP3+.

I think the manual that you mentioned is the same for the FP3 and the FP3+ and actually has an “FP3” marking where the bumper removal is described.


Ahh, yeah now you mention it I found the marking :man_facepalming:
Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

A protective cover is nonetheless a good idea. But at €40,- Fairphone delivers a plastic case that after some time stretches so much the phone will fall out when you drop it.

Some of these cases might have the problem, but by far not all of them. Mine is about two years old and still fits snugly around my FP3.

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