FP3: Pixel camera app / Google Camera Port

I believe lossy quality saturates. At some point it is good enough (compare with e.g. MP3). There are various degrees of users: consumers, prosumers, professionals. For the first group, I believe the camera of the FP2 (v2) is already sufficient. So I believe that the camera of the FP3 is going to last long enough because it is “good enough”.

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Okay, I’ve tried the above camera port as well - and while Google’s night mode is impressive, there’s a few things I like better about the FP3’s stock cam:

  • Selfies in 8MP, while the Pixel port seems to be stuck on 5MP even though I’m on “full resolution” and 4:3
  • Portrait mode without having to move the camera (like with the port’s blur effect)
  • Better panorama mode: The FP3’s cam made a quite clean panorama, while the Pixel port hat some visible brightness transitions (i.e. a vertical line in the sky).

So, I guess I’ll make the FP3 app my standard app but might use the Pixel port for some night shoots and Google Lense.


I downloaded the port Sonswer recommended - thanks for this! I was afraid the camera of the Fairphone 3 would be a major downgrade coming from my old Lumia 950 which did pretty decent pictures, but all in all I think the FP3 camera is at least in the same league. And Night Sight mode can be pretty amazing, I think.
Below is a comparison I just took in difficult lowlight conditions on a foggy night. Both were taken while holding the phone in my hand freely.

First, the default Fairphone 3 camera app:

And now the poco f1 port in Night Sight mode:


During daytime, the quality looks about the same to me. A good thing is also that you can set the focus on a certain object / area by tapping at it, what you can’t do with the standard app. It just takes a photo when you try to tap somewhere. (I just noticed you can, it is an option somewhere that has to be enabled. But it does not seem to work like I’m used to from smartphone cameras).

In the app here, it is not possible to set where the photos are stored. Fortunately, the Fairphone 3 has plenty of internal memory. Or maybe I should play arond with Open Camera for longer and compare the image quality.

Just tried an indoor shot: Looks about the same at first sight, but with the camera app here there is more contrast in the background / fine details, without playing around with any setting. Resolution is 3840x2160, the same what I’ve set in the standard app.


There is an extra setting “4:3” and “16:9” somewhere. For me it worked that you can have full resolution of the sensor, but 4:3 ascpect ratio, or 16:9 (what I generally use).


On my FP3 both Gcam mods linked in this thread don’t allow setting the focus point by touch in normal camera mode.
They mainly focus automatically on objects in the middle of the frame - if they are big enough - otherwise both GCam releases insist on focussing the background. Correcting the focus point by tapping on the desired area doesn’t work. I can easily reproduce this anytime when trying close-ups - NOT undercutting the minimal focussing distance (min. 10 cm)

The stock camera app doesn’t show this behaviour at all and focusses reliably to the touched area.

My FP3 is on firmware A0101.

Any ideas?

Nobody else has noticed described touch focus problems with gcam? Despite its strong points it is very annoying and effectively useless.
Or am I missing something?

I don’t use the camera much, but I think I can confirm this.
The Google Camera Port refocusses when I tap on some object, but the photos come out the same, and it really doesn’t seem to refocus on nearer objects.
The stock Camera App seems to really refocus on objects I tap on, near or far (but it instantly takes the picture after my tapping, which is annoying … Edit: Oh, ok, it doesn’t do that in Pro mode.).


Same problem, Google Camera won’t focus on tap. It does as if, but the result is always blurry.
My workaround is to hit “list of last apps”, and choose GCam again. This way the initial autofocus produces a sharp result. But it is annoying to do everytime :wink:

which mod do you use ?

I was using the F1Modv10.3 or whatever it was called, I see it’s now been updated and given a name change to F1MinimalMod2.1.
The modder is Sanity on here

I quite like results with the older version, have just discovered the new version so don’t know how it is

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I tried also the newest version, mod 7.x but unfortunately for us, there is a bug which makes picture when grab the phone in landscape with night mode activated.

So that’s the reason why I’m staying on version 6.2, and for the focus issue what I do is to take another point and fix again what I need to shoot.

That really help me, at least, 90% of my time but it’s true it’s really annoying…

I don’t understand why the regular app doesn’t board any night mode or HDR+… The OS is already pro-Google so there is no reasons to don’t have a more integrated camera with them.

Nobody could suggest a concrete alternative?

Maybe this doesn’t help you but a workaround on the latest version would be to leave screen rotation lock on, but still take it landscape- the control orientation wont be correct but you won’t need to rotate the image once it saves as it realises.
Presumably we should set back camera to 3a, what about front camera? Is there any risk to damage the camera and/or do you know if san1ty has a reputation for APK being secure? Antivirus seems okay with it

Whom do you mean with “they”?


Has anyone here played with the aditional options
“Back camera model” (default Pixel XL)
and “Front camera model” (default Nexus 6p) ?

are those default settings even correct ?

Hmm had put back 3a & front 6P, only based on the 3a having the same sensor, seems to kind of work though takes a while to enter photo stream

I really like this version (make sure to delete application data after installing). No weird crashes so far. The portrait mode is also way better than with the stock camera app. The only downside is that it takes ~30 seconds to process a picture after taking it.

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Yeah has anyone managed to overcome the time delay on it entering Photos?

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I can recommend the last PX Mod - version 4.3. It processes HDR+ rather quickly, in like 5 seconds or so.

Please check https://www.celsoazevedo.com/files/android/google-camera/dev-cstark27/ to download it.


Wow, it is so much faster, thanks!