FP3 - Outlook not starting propperly

Ich have a FP3 and everything was working fine. Since some weeks Outlook is no longer starting propperly. If I start it in the morning (Austria) after a longer time of not using it obviously, Outlook starts well. If I close it completely and restart the app there appearse only the blue frame at the top and the rest of the screen remains white. Sometimes in the blue frame apears OUTLOOK, or at the buttom “Neu anordnen”. May be some hours later it starts normally.
Has anybody made a same experience?
Is there any solution?
Many thanks to all of you that consider my problem.

You could try another app like K-9 Mail.

In case it’s a memory problem.

  • Clear the apps [Storage and cache]
  • Check how much memory you have. If less than 6GB try and free some
  • Empty images bin and clear other caches to free up more memory
  • If you have an SD card ensure it is not formatted as [Internal]

You can also check how much RAM is being used


Thank you for the suggestion.

Hi, sorry for answering so late. I cleared the cache of all apps, deactivated all I do not use actually and tried to delete a lot of old stuff, images, and so on. I do not use any SD card.
unfortunately the problem remains. sometime it starts, sometime not.
How can I ceck the RAM? sorry but i’m only a simple user :slight_smile:

To check RAM

First enable [Developers options] by doing the following

  • Navigate to Settings > About phone > Build number

  • The Build number is the last entry following the above.

  • Tap on the Build number 7 times, it will ask for your lock pin to allow and will they say you are now a Developer

  • Go back to Settings > System > Advanced > Developer options

  • Taping on Developer options give a lot of info and options, the first info is Memory

On that screen at the top is a slide button to disable Developer options if you feel having it available gives to much encouragement to mess with 'advanced ’ settings

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Hi amoun
Great, Now I know that on an average 2.4 GB out of 3.8 are used.
I mean that should not be the reason why outlook starts only occasionaly if there is more than 1 GB left.
Can I check also the individual load at the moment when outlook is loading?
In any case thank you for your help.

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