FP3 + or FP4 (I cannot decide)

Personally, I would prefer the FP3+ over the FP4. I frequently use the headphone jack and also have two physical SIM cards. Furthermore, I like the design of the FP3+ more. And, after using it for more than one year now, it has proven as a reliable companion.


I am getting this wonderful patina on my gray back cover too. I love this “used” style


I have just bought a new FP4 and I have no regrets. The quality of the photographs I have taken are perfectly acceptable. Apparently a recent software update may have improved the camera’s image processing to solve some of its issues.

The graphics display, when scrolling websites, documents and watching videos is smooth, fast and responsive. My previous phone was a Samsung Galaxy S8 and I can’t tell the difference between them.

However, the lack of an audio jack lead is a nuisance, but I understand why it is absent. I use my phone a lot outside and the more entry ports a phone has, the easier it is for rain and dirt to find a way in. I have ordered a usb audio adapter which I hope is a convenient and reliable work-around. Otherwise I will need to order bluetooth earphones which look quite bulky, are expensive and potentially easily lost.

I chose the FP4 over the FP3 because the former is (at least on paper) supposed to be the better phone and because it will be supported for longer.


Hi David and welcome to the forum. Thanks for your views and let’s hope it outlasts it’s 5 year warranty, which I hope you registered for. :slight_smile:

All the best


Surely don’t wanna touch my phone with any paint, that could be really bad idea and even those best and most rugged coatings you can apply at home will least only few days in this scenario, leaving your pockets and everything covered in little color dust flakes. I tried.

The thing is, I lost my waranty due to custon ROM instaled and next month I’m getting OnePlus because better camera, unrestricted Camera2API, better apare parts access and better overal quality anyways.

Did contact support almost a week ago about missing Camera2API features and spare parts not availible, still no answer. This unit is for sale, if somebody interested, €300 or best offer. Will make listing today.

Thats not correct. You dont loose warranty by installing a custom ROM (as long as you dont brick the phone by doing this), you just have to install FPOS in case you need)FP support/repair and if you would have to send the phone to repair center to change the Backcover under warranty?


Thanks, didn’t know that! Anyways, paying for post services, not having my primary phone for few weeks and getting new backplate which will get ‘polished’ in next month again is no solution for me. I even have one more speckle backplate I did order with my phone.

Or maybe waranty is solution after all, I will do this three times and according to european laws they have to give me my money back because this flaw is simply unrepairable.

Dunno if I want to go through all this hassle however, don’t have time and will for such things.

Thats your decision just wanted to clarify for others reading here. Overall reading your comments, I doubt the FP4 is a good phone for you, as I feel it will never meet your needs/expectations, so using a different phone is most likely the best decision for you. However, other people have other needs and will be happy with the Fairphone.

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It isn’t at all. I don’t get easily hyped for products just because of their apparent ‘coolnes’. After seeing somebody beeing happy about low quality and calling it ‘patina’ and others liking it, I know for sure this phone isn’t for me and neither the community propably is.

Thanks for your time anyways, be well.

:wink: well done…
you took your decission.
Any opinion and claim is to be accepted.
Maybe you come back…bye

Yes flaws are not meant to be repairable, they are built it as a common factor, but is it just cosmetics you pay extra for the pretty cover and it 'aint so pretty now it seems?

As mentioned once you reinstall the default OS the warranty may well be valid, given other exceptions. And given your oft touted dislike for the phone it would make sense to try and return it. Unless of course that means you’ll not have such a fanatstic dvice to complain about.

That’s what the fourm is for ~ to respond to your emotional issues as well as trying to help with resolvable phone hardware and software issues. The forum is about the people not the phones. It just most of these people get here via being interested or having bought a Fairphone.

As far as paint goes, I put nail varnish on a phone six years ago and it is still there, however it isn’t in my pocket being giggled around for 6 hours a day. Still you can get some lovely warm colours.

Wow. Nail varnish mickey-moused phone must look absolutely beautiful… Would love to see some detailed photos. Because that’s what you do with a €650 device.

Normal phone should withstand at least 12 hours a day being transfered in a pocket. Not everybody are transfering their phones using guncases. Phones should be built to least.

Okay, that’s what this forum is about? Not a place for me as I don’t have any :smiley: But you had a great idea I have to admit, I will try to return it in the end. Bye guys.

I agree. That’s why you should take advantage of your warranty and #contactsupport, not just complain on the community forum. I’m pretty confident that you don’t have to flash the original OS for this, as it’s not a software issue. And usually if it’s something minor (like in this case), they will just send you the spare part without having to send the whole phone back to them. Plus, if it’s under warranty, they are supposed to pay for the shipping, not you.


I did speak with tech support. Only way to get money back is to go through warranty three times with the same issue according to them.

So in a nutshell I have been told I have to send them the phone, wait few weeks, get phone back with a new backplate, use it for one month, send it to FairPhone company again. Repeat two more times. Then I get my money back. In case of scratched midframe, they straight refused to send me new one, they claim it is a one-piece with mainboard. Which is a lie.

I don’t have any time to go back and forth like this, my time’s too expensive for such hassle. Plus I have no will to use such a lame device three more months just to prove my point and get my money back.

Just for you guys to know.

you can try to sell it anyway…then you can spare yourself this process and the brutal nightmare has an end for you
sometimes you just choose the wrong things in life. you can only try to make the best of it in the hope of buying the right product next time.

Maybe the price of time you safe is exactly the same you loose with selling a used phone.
You would have a win-win situation.


You could have just used the Fairphone 4 Protective Soft Case, which is available in different colours and fits the smartphone very well.
In terms of longevity (and this is one of Fairphone’s efforts), everyone should use a protective case for their smartphone. That way, the devices would last much longer.

I hope you will be happy with your OnePlus. But I doubt they will even offer you a midframe once you want to replace it.

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The do offer it, check iFixit.com

There is not a single OnePlus spare part in the ifixit EU store.
In the US store, I find almost only batteries and some displays for OnePlus devices, nothing else.
(Except for the OnePlus One. But I doubt you want to buy a phone from 2014. And even there I can’t find a midframe. And most of these parts are out of stock anyway).

PS. This is a bit OT now.

This here. Use google.

I could also replace my Pixel 3 battery, but that’s not an easy task. Making parts available (for a reasonable price) is one thing. Making it easy and cheap to replace it is another. Google will also partner with iFixit. But it’s quite a risk to open those user unfriendly devices.