FP3 not turning on or unlocking

This is my first issue with a FP and, on top of that, I’m also leaving for a trip in a couple of hours so there’s not that much I’ll be able to do for days.

Sometimes, after locking it, my FP3 has some issues unlocking. It’s usually not a big deal, like I have to wait a couple of minutes and press the power button again and the screen lights up. If it’s really bad, what I do is restart the phone.

Earlier this morning, I locked it and was unable to unlock it. After turning it off, it did not turn on again. At first, I suspected it was the power button’s fault, but I tried charging the phone, just to be sure, and it seems it’s not charging at all (it has been plugged for about 20 minutes now, without showing any sign of life, and when I powered it off the battery was at about 90%). At this point, I suspect there’s some issues with the battery, but I would like to be sure before I order the wrong spare part.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

It doesn’t sound like a battery, as it is urgent I would dismantle and reassemble.
In the longer term you can see if there is a #fairphoneangel near where you reside or even on the trips’s route.

It would then be easy to test the battery.

While this is happening, if you have an SD card ensure it is not formatted as Internal.

Obvious is to check the charger and cable but the powering on failure could well be a phone issue.

Well hope the trip turns out to be a welcome distraction.

All the best

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