FP3 no wifi networks

FP3- Android 10,
Build 8901.3.A.006620201119
security update 05 Nov 2020

since 29 Dec 2020 spontaneous :slight_smile:

I lost , again, wifi connection .
First at home.
After this NO any wifi could be connected, private or open, already known or new ones.

What is happening :
1a) already saved wifi network password appeared to be empty , after entering password and connect = “save network failed” and then “cannot connect to network”

1b) long press on a networkname shows only 2 options; network (with bold letters) and connect; so there is no option “forget network”

mobile off and on = no change
battery out/in = no change
network settings ( wifi, mobile and bluetooth) have been reset = no change
Reset networks settings in safe mode= no change

I really do not prefer to perform factory reset as on 20 Nov; this cannot be called solution = factory reset every 4 week !?:slight_smile:

Is it possible to use Android 9 again - or is there any new update for Android 10 ?

Many thanks in advance !

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There is always the option of using a different OS and therefore to revert to Android 9. But this doesn’t appear to be an Android 10 issue as most people find it OK.

As far as I know there is no new update though there is one for January spoken of.

A factory reset, as you say, is clearly not a solution if it has to be done every 4 weeks. Have you really been doing this every four weeks and does it work? I was going to suggest you could clean the contacts of the modules if this is a one off but if a reset works then that doesn’t seem like a great idea.

Hopefully someone will have some better ideas you can try but you may have to contact official support :frowning:

it could be some apps you may have downloaded that are interfering with the wifi coding.

When you say you cannot connect, how do you do this, via the drop down menu at the top and does the icon change colour. So does it connect to the wifi but there is no internet connection ~ they are different issues.

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