FP3 : No internet access with Hotspot on orange network since last android upgrade

Hello all,

Since I upgraded android on my FP3 the hotspot functionality does not give me internet access.
The hotspot is created but when I use it from my PC , my PC does not have internet access.
My operator is orange (France).
I have 2 APNs defined on my phone: orange enterprise and orange world.
orange world has the setting: APN type = default,supl,mms,xcap,dun

Orange tells me that “orange world” should not have the “dun” setting.
This should be set in a separate APN called “orange internet” (which I don’t have ). And this is the APN that would enable me to get the hotspot working.

Orange internet:
APN: orange.fr
login: orange
pwd: orange
Authentication Type: PAP
APN type: dun

If I manually create a “orange internet” APN I cannot save the configuration as it tells me that I already have a dun APN type.
I cannot edit the “orange world” APN as it is greyed out.
So I am stuck…

Orange says the problem comes from the FP which does not retrieve the correct information.

Anyone can help ?

Thanks in advance for your help

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