FP3: New app with name "Set back log" installed after running system update

after the latest FFP3 System Update to Android patch level February 5, 2021 a new system app named “Set back log” with package name “com.arima.logkit” has been installed on my device. It is probably part of the Service Menu, but does anybody know better what this app is about and why it was installed?
Thanks in advance.

I don’t know either but I would assume it is there in case something goes wrong to send a log. Idk to whom the log gets sent to.

If the app somehow scares/interrupts/disturbs you, is radiocative or causes nuclear war on your phone you can uninstall it via:

adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.arima.logkit


How did you discover this uninvited app as it’s not obvious on my 0084 updated OS

This looks like an app to log various system logs for debugging purposes on demand to text files on your storage or sdcard. You can activate its settings screen to enable various logs (logcat -b main, logcat -b crash, logcat -b kernel, logcat -b radio, logcat -b system, logcat -b events, diag_mdlog, tcpdump, dmesg, dumpstate, dumpsys) by dialing *#*#564#*#*


Just wild guessing here.
But I would bet, that it is installed to be prepared for future bugs.
It might address troubles in finding the root cause of the recent troubles and probably helps to locate the roots for other - still existing - troubles.

Regarding what @grumpy posted, it is just a tool, that can be used in case of emergency.
Support might give you some explanations when you contact them. More self diagnosing on the way. :wink:

But, as I wrote, it’s just my guess.

(And if it doesn’t send any information without being activated by the user, I would be fine with it. If it’s a system tool for troulbeshooting, it would be leggit in my opinion; and I have no idea of all the system-apps, that are installed anyway. Most likely I never would find such an app. I’m on /e/ by the way.)

To be clear: the logging is not enabled by default, the user has to manually enable it via the method I posted above. Also logging is strictly local, nothing is uploaded anywhere.


I did not know I could uninstall system apps without rooting :+1:

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I have this app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.lighthouse.antispy.privacyscanner13 installed on my phone and it somehow detected it.

How did you discover this USSD-Code?

The USSD is listed in the APK manifest. Also, the app must implement a handler for it which also not hard to find either if you know your way around in java code.

Arima does the software development for Fairphone. This is probably a new tool which can be used for debugging purposes.

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