FP3: my order just got delayed by one month! from mid Sep. to mid Oct. to early Nov

Tried that, had it all in bits but it made no difference. no sticky foam out of place and even less when I’d scraped about a bit; but still no joy. Thanks for the link tho.

I had all three bottom modules apart.

I reckoned the easiest thing to swap might be the microphone (from “won’t charge” module to “crackly mike” module), but the microphone looks to be surface mounted to the module PCB. I can’t even see the solder to be honest and can’t get the PCB off the module base either.

I have no idea what is wrong with the “not charging” bottom module so wouldn’t know what to swap across! Again all the components are microscopic surface mount jobbies. The one with the wobbly USB connector may also have the charge fault; that was an early failure in which the phone charged then discharged itself over-night then refused to charge again. FP sent me a new battery and module under warranty.

I’ll bet @Leo_TheCrafter could fix it though - having seen his alternative bottom modules :¬).


Same for me. I really apreciate the gesture, but I don’t plan to buy any other thing in the next year in the Fairphone store. I ordered the charger and cable with the phone because it’s also more eco-friendly (and cheap, of course) making just one delivery.

What about buying a gift card with the discount code? A gift card is valid for three years since it’s bought! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great idea and I can’t imagine, why this should not work. :smile:

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This is really great, that there is an apology from the CEO, and it give the impression they are full-steam on solving the problem.
Damage controlling with discounts and it is a powerful eddition to make it a video for a personal connection.

Communication to comunity is key.

I am one of the LUCKY ones, have had my FP3 for almost a week now, and if it is ANY comfort to you, I can tell you that the new phone is so fantastic. REALLY worth the wait!:trophy:


If you disassable your modules with wobbly usb. Did you have a magnifier? I repaired such kind of failure bottom modules very easy.

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After watching Eva’s video I had to think of Miyamoto’s famous quote “A delayed game is eventually good. A bad game is bad forever.”

So the non-reseller Fairphone 3 batches are delayed for a few weeks and it sucks. However, I am thankful that Fairphone is investing into minor design iterations that late in the production stage.

We can guess that resellers had to get stock asap because of tight contracts. But since the first batch Fairphone added an additional screw to ensure the display module connectivity, improved the backplate and now they’re modifying the bottom module to prevent possible audio issues on the model 3.

These kind of in-production-iterations probably cost Fairphone money on all fronts. It adds a lot of costly production changes, it grinds out your employees, people cancel orders due to impatience, negative press during launch quarter deters some potential buyers and so on.

All this to give us, the people that preordered on Fairphone.com, the best possible Fairphone 3. Supply chain issues aside, they probably could’ve just shipped the first iteration that went to resellers significantly sooner but they chose not to, and even tho my Fairphone 2 is dying I am glad they didn’t.

Because Miyamoto’s quote is valid for all kinds of products. A delayed phone is eventually good, a bad phone is bad forever.


Hmm, IIRC the Essential Phone got delayed and was a bummer. The Samsung Galaxy Fold as well. Delayed phones can be disappointing, or terrible. It means very little. Perhaps with statistical analysis we can make assumptions about what is more likely?

Well, wait and see… So far, the comments on FP3 sound rather pleased, so I guess the chances for a “eventually good” phone will be greater than getting a piece of cr@p. :slightly_smiling_face:


No product is perfect. It just has to be good enough, and there is not much “fair” competition.

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Very well said! :point_up:

I can solder OK at the audio connector and vero-board level … but surface mount and microscopes is beyond my skill set! I’m sure the bottom module with the mike fault is just a dry or cracked joint, but no way can I see it, May take another look at the dodgy USB module. Currently running with the dodgy mike - which is OK if I squeeze/twist the phone in a particular way whilst speaking!

Anyway … we are way off topic as a result of me deliberating in public whether or not to order an FP3. Decision = fix FP2 with spare modules and wait till FP3 is in full production and a bit more of a known quantity … especially from a reliability PoV.


Seems the discount code does not apply to delivery. So purchasing a FP3 charger for 19.95, I have 5.05 left which should also apply to delivery costs too. But there’s no way of applying the code when choosing delivery/payment options, so I’m having to pay the full delivery costs of over 10 euro for UK delivery.
Yes I know, getting the charger for half price is better than not!

I ordered my FP3 on August 27, but I have to wait until November… but I don’t mind about the delay. My phone doesn’t work well (it is more than 3 yo) but I hope it last until the FP arrives. Maybe I buy some giftcards with the discount, I dont’t know, it isn’t very helpful right now, sincerely.

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I received the answer from the support team a few minutes ago:

With regard to the shipment, we have resumed transportation, and we will be able to ship your Fairphone 3 and the accessories together in one shipment, starting early November.

So not another delay for all of us who order the cable/charger as well! :slight_smile:


I ordered my FP3 the first day, and i received a mail yesterday to say that I will receive it tomorrow :slight_smile:


I ordered on the 31th of august (incl. Cable) and just got the mail that the phone will be delivered beginning of next week!


I ordered in the first 20 minutes and my order will be delivered on Friday :slight_smile: I ordered the phone with a cable.


Mine was supposed to be delivered next monday but arrived today!


Soooooo unfair. :sob:
I placed my order after 12 minutes on the first day and still no news for me. :open_mouth:

Just kidding.
I am happy for all of you, as it shows that FP is back in business.