FP3+ - Low volume on speakerphone on Whatsapp

HI All,

Just got my FP3+ and when I do a whataspp call (video or not) the volume set to the max is bearly noticeable, it s very low, i would say at 30% or so even when pumped to the max … how can i increase that

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@Christophe_Mallet Hi
Though I don’t use whatsapp I wonder a) is there an app setting for volume as you don’t say how you are manipulating the volume ~ by the phones two buttons maybe? b) what happens on other apps? is the volume ok on music apps etc?

Well buttons on the side as per raising the volume of any calls, but also thought the sound settings. It All shows it s at the max but it s very low

And yes sorry, it s all fine with music

Does whatsapp have it’s own controls? You say you have just got the phone so can you confirm this is using Android 10 and also have you updated it to the latest available version?

Further: have you contacted Fairphone support, they appear to be very busy so it may be a good idea to contact them asap as you may not get a solution via this peer to peer forum?

Nope WhatsApp hasn’t :frowning:
I just logged a case with them. Yes it s the latest Android 10 build

Hopefully someone with a 3+ with Android 10 that uses whatsapp will respond to your query. All the best.

Same for me. Has this been resolved?

Or has Whatsapp replied?

You didn’t say what version you are using there have been two updates since the last post.

Android 10 and 8901.3.a.0077.20201221

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I wonder if this is an issue with the FP3+ which had upgrades ~ mic, core module and presumably software.

I wonder if anyone could comment on the issue with FP3 on Android 9

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