FP3, Low media volume, no reaction to media buttons

Hi there,

I’ve got a recent issue with My FP3, probably after the latest update of Fairphone OS. My Media volume through multiple connected Jabra Elite Headsets is too low, even on the max setting.

Here are the symptoms:

  • All the following is true for both tested headsets (Jabra Elite (active) 75(t)) connected to the same phone.
  • If I set the media volume to 50%, I can barely here anything.
  • Call volume is fine.
  • Unpairing and paring the headsets does not seem to have any effect.
  • Resetting the headset does not seem to have any effect.
  • Connecting the Headset to e.g. my PC via Bluetooth results in the usual volume level.
  • Same result for using a different app on the Phone. Tested with AntennaPod and Odysssey (MP3-Player).
  • The phone does no longer react to the headset button being pressend to stop/start the media playing. Accepting calls works (also ending), but every media-related function stopped working.

Is there anything else I can do, test or verify in order to fix the issue?
Is there anybody else having a similar experience?


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please see here reg.

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Thanks. That looks like it. Not sure why I missed it before when searching the forum. Thanks for pointing me to that one.

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